Sabal Trail and LNG Export by truck, rail, and ship

Sabal Trail is not just about taking private land by eminent domain and gouging its fracked methane pipeline through farms, rivers, and the Floridan Aquifer to get to power plants in Florida. It’s also about bomb trucks, trains, and ships to export liquid natural gas (LNG) all over the world for higher private profit.

Much of this information has been found or compiled by WWALS member Cecile Scofield of Martin County, Florida.

Follow this link for why the Sunshine State should stop wasting ratepayer dollars, private property, and our water on fossil fuel boondoggles and get on right now with solar power along with Georgia, Alabama, and all the other states.

And here’s how you can help stop the Sabal “Sinkhole” Trail fracked methane boondoggle.