WWALS holds at least one paddle outing a month, plus frequent cleanups, and occasional hikes. For non-members, the outings fee is $10 per person, or $11 online:


Each outing is free to WWALS members. You can become a member by paying at an outing, or online:

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WWALS Outings

For some outings, WWALS offers free boat rental. (Mostly the Full Moon paddles at Banks Lake, courtesy of the Lakeland-Lanier Chamber of Commerce and Banks Lake Outdoors.) Please let us know a few days in advance through this form: https://forms.gle/djKP5tqNPLgdH4wM7. You can also ask for a boat on the facebook event or the meetup for the outing, or contact the leader of that outing, or call the WWALS number: 850-290-2350. Please say whether you want a kayak or a canoe and how many people per boat. Boat supplies are limited, so wait for a confirmation.

At each outing each participant must sign an event waiver so our WWALS insurance will apply. The leader of that outing will have a sign-in sheet for that purpose. If you want to see it in advance, follow this link.

Upcoming events are listed along with outings in the outings spreadsheet (see below) and facebook events and meetups, as well as in the monthly WWALS membership newsletter, Tannin Times.

Annual WWALS big events are also listed in the Sponsor Events web page. These include the spring BIG Little River Paddle Race, the summer Suwannee Riverkeeper Songwriting Contest, the fall WWALS Boomerang paddle race, and the winter Light Parade.

If you’re new to the Suwannee River Basin and want to try a few paddles with your own small group, see Ideas for short paddles. We do not recommend going alone, and we do recommend paddling with WWALS.

For more about how you can participate in WWALS outings, programs, events, and advocacy, see:

Outings are organized by the Outings Committee; maybe you’d like to join them.

Outings Spreadsheet

Below is a spreadsheet of WWALS outings and events, plus a few by other organizations. This spreadsheet is updated frequently. Acronyms are explained below the spreadsheet.

See it in its native google sheets form, and presented in web form below.

Blueway acronyms include:

Try to make the Put In and Take Out names match the names in the Blueway spreadsheets. If they’re not in there already, please add entries in the appropriate water trail spreadsheet.