Turket Creek Waterfall

On the Alapahoochee River, a short distance upstream from Sasser Landing on the Alapaha River, is something you may not expect to see in north Florida: a waterfall, sometimes a few feet drop, sometimes tall enough to shower under. See also map and points.

The picture on the right is from the 15 February 2015 WWALS outing from Statenville to Sasser Landing, when the Statenville gauge read 10 feet and the Jennings gauge read 69.75 feet. A picture by Deanna Mericle from that outing is featured on the map side of the Alapaha River Water Trail Brochure.

Returning with new folks 14 June 2015, the levels were Statenville 2.25 feet and Jennings 62.45 feet. That’s more than seven feet difference on each gauge. The Alapahoochee River, not directly receiving water from the Alapaha River, naturally doesn’t track either of those gauges exactly, but you can see in the pictures that the waterfall appears almost seven feet taller.

We’re looking for more pictures, videos, and stories of the Turket Creek Waterfall. Please comment here.

2015-06-14: Sasser Landing to Jennings Bluff.

Picture: John S. Quarterman; Lisa showers at Turket Creek Waterfall.

Alapaha River Water Trail Brochure

Picture (bottom left): Deanna Mericle, 2015-06-14: Sasser Landing to Jennings Bluff.

4 thoughts on “Turket Creek Waterfall

    1. jsq Post author

      Well, the west side of the Alapahoochee River there is private land, so you don’t want to go that way.
      The east side of the Alapahoochee from the Confluence up past Turket Falls is SRWMD land,
      it’s all densely wooded with no obvious roads or trails.
      Some of us have tried walking up that way from the Alapahoochee Confluence, with little success.
      And of course to get the Confluence, you need a boat.
      So in principle by land you could get to the other side of the Alapahoochee from Turket Falls.
      In practice, it’s not very practical.
      Unless it’s really dry.
      Then you could probably walk up the Alapaha River bed from Sasser Landing
      and then up the Alapahoochee River bed. -jsq

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