Solar Power

Georgia is surging in solar power, but it is possible to do it wrong, as Florida’s NextEra is demonstrating in Brooks County, Georgia, with its proposal for a 150 MegaWatt solar farm on wooded wetlands.

Solar beat wind and natural gas for most new electric generation in 2016, for the first time, but far from the last. Georgia is the fastest growing U.S. solar market, and it’s time for the Sunshine State to catch up. Here are the solar basics everyone should know.

Solar Basics

Solar panels need no cooling or testing water, no fuel, no pipelines, and no eminent domain. They don’t leak, burn, or explode. They cost less and are faster to install than any other source of power, and their price keeps going down while they remain safer than any other power source.

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Here’s why the Sunshine State should stop wasting ratepayer dollars, private property, and our water on fossil fuel boondoggles and get on right now with solar power along with Georgia, Alabama, and all the other states: