Historic solar financing bill started in GA PSC more than a year ago

Friday the Georgia Senate unanimously voted for a solar financing bill, and WWALS helped with that historic Georgia turn to the sun for power, which will conserve our waters, including helping fight off invading pipelines.

Back in June 2013, Garry Gentry read to the Georgia Public Service Commission the WWALS letter about water and solar power (I also spoke), contributing to the historic GA PSC decision that July to require Georgia Power to add 525 MW of solar power, approximately doubling its request. A decision that catapulted Georgia in one year to the fastest growing U.S. solar market. Which in turn led to Friday’s historic unanimous vote by the Georgia Senate following February’s unanimous House vote for HB 57, a financing bill which will speed Georgia solar power deployment even more. And that will shut down more polluting coal plants, eventually probably including Plant Scherer that pollutes the Alapaha River with mercury.

The rise of Georgia solar power will make even more obvious that Sabal Trail’s invading fracked methane pipeline snake is not wanted or needed here in Georgia, and not Kinder Morgan’s Palmetto fracked oil pipeline snake, either.

Solar power burns no water, requires no fuel and no environmentally destructive and hazardous pipelines, and produces jobs and lower electric bills right here where we need them, alleviating poverty, which is one of the root causes of environmental problems. Renewable energy is conservation, and WWALS helped.


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