Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT)

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Two dozen landings on two tea-colored blackwater rivers in two states, plus Reed Bingham State Park on the Little River and Langdale Park on the Withlacoochee River, two of only six second magnitude springs in Georgia (McIntyre Spring and Arnold Springs), and in Florida first-magnitude Madison Blue Spring State Park and many other springs all the way to the Suwannee River.

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The Withlacoochee River is one of the few undammed left in this country, flowing in its unruly blackwater splendor for 115 miles First prize: circle with trees, by Eboni Patterson past cypress, river birch, oaks, and pines through Georgia and Florida with shoals and springs, including Madison Blue Spring State Park, to its confluence with the Suwannee River. The Little River is also an undammed tea-colored blackwater river below Reed Bingham State Park, which itself is the venue for the annual WWALS BIG Little River Paddle Race. The Little joins the Withlacoochee just outside Valdosta in Lowndes County, the largest population center in the entire Suwannee River Basin.

You can paddle with us on our many outings, and please become a WWALS member to support our water trails and our advocacy. You may also want to join the WWALS Water Trails Committee.

Table of Contents:
Trail Description:,
   Wild and Scenic,
   Many Years of Harmony,
   Lakes, Ponds, and Swamps,
River Basin,
Access Points,
Classification of Trail,
   Water Levels,
Overnight Trip Option,
Map and Spreadsheet,
Sponsors and Partners,
Contact Information,
Nearest Population Center,

The highest access point on the 115-mile Withlacoochee River is at mile 98 for GA 37. Add to that mile 57.5 for Kinard Bridge Road on the 105-mile Little River, and that’s 155 miles of boatable rivers, although it’s unlkely anybody would paddle both rivers on one trip. However, 57.5 miles down the Little River, followed by 63.2 miles from its confluence onwards down the Withlacoochee River to the Suwannee River adds up to 120.7 miles of a doable downstream trip.

WWALS’ Withlacoochee River is known in Florida as the Withlacoochee River North, and is not to be confused with Florida’s other Withlacoochee River (South), which flows directly into the Gulf of Mexico. Similarly, WWALS’ Little River is the Little River of Southern Georgia or the Little River (Withlacoochee), and is not to be confused with any other Little River in Georgia or Alabama.

Wild and Scenic
See Withlacoochee River Paddling Guide, by Suzanne Welander, in Brown’s Guide to Georgia, including an interactive map. It lists the Withlacoochee in Georgia as 65 miles paddling from GA 37 to GA 31.

Second prize: river track, by Ann Reid A list of Georgia’s truly beautiful scenic rivers includes the Withlacoochee. Originating in Tift and Berrien counties, its dark waters flow south along the Cook County line into Lowndes County, where it is joined by its largest tributary, (ironically) the Little River. Intimate, shaded in its northern reaches) mysterious in its beauty – the Withlacoochee is one of the few Coastal Plain streams in which limestone ledges form small shoals. A second distinctive feature of the river is the occasional white sandbar on the insides of bends, which are perfect for swimming or camping.
—Suzanne Welander and Bob Sehlinger, Canoeing and Kayaking Georgia (Menasha Ridge Press), page 381.

Many Years of Harmony
Back in the 1970s there was this Canoe Guide to the Withlacoochee River, covering the 56 miles from the confluence of the Little River with the Withlacoochee River at Troupville west of Valdosta to the Suwannee River at Ellaville and Florida’s Suwannee River State Park.

Lakes, Ponds, and Swamps
There are some lakes, ponds, and swamps that are boatable all year.

River Basin

Suwannee River Basin
9,950 square miles, 5,720 in Georgia and 4,230 in Florida.


Withlacoochee River watershed:


Withlacoochee and Little River watershed Many creeks, lakes, ponds, and swamps and the main rivers:

Little River: 105 mile river and 59.2 miles on the Water Trail, all in Georgia.

Withlacoochee River: 115 mile river and 97.7 miles on the Water Trail: 70 miles in Georgia and 27.7 miles in Florida.

Withlacoochee (North) River Paddling Trail Trip Planning, by FL DEP. It lists the Withlacoochee in Florida as 28 miles paddling from SR 145 to Suwannee River State Park.

Overview: This river gently curves through Twin Rivers State Forest past hardwood forests, crystal – clear springs, and sandbars along the bends. Primitive camping is allowed along the way. There are some small shoals, but portaging is generally not necessary. The Withlacoochee contributes a significant amount of water to the Suwannee River and joins it at Suwannee River State Park. The trail ends at the boat ramp in the state park, about a quarter-mile upstream on the Suwannee River.

Access Points

Little River: Four boat ramps and five other access points.

Withlacoochee River: Nine boat ramps and at least five other access points.

See the WRWT Access web page.

Classification of Trail

Little River: Class 1+, mostly flatwater blackwater river with no industrial development and no large point sources of pollution, with one dam at Reed Bingham State Park.

Withlacoochee River: Class 1+, with mostly flatwater and occasional shoals, on an undammed blackwater river with no industrial development and no large point sources of pollution.

Water levels are quite variable on the Little River and in the upper regions of the Withlacoochee River. See this list of live water level charts for the Withlacoochee and Little Rivers, by WWALS.


Many outfitters: see separate web page.

600x351 VSU, Moody AFB, Banks Lake, in Outfitters, by Withlacoochee River Water Trail, for WWALS.net, 10 June 2015

Overnight Trip Option

Yes. No reservation, permit or fee required in Georgia for rough camping on islands.

Camping on SRWMD lands in Florida is free with a permit, obtainable by calling SRWMD at 386.362.1001.




300x583 Withlacoochee River and tributaries, in Withlacoochee River Water Trail, by John S. Quarterman, for WWALS.net, 4 May 2015 Follow this link to the current WRWT map, with links to indexes by access point, categories, and all points, as well as to the source spreadsheet.

That map and those pages are used as the basis of the printable WRWT z-fold pamphlet, and of a larger brochure which we have drafted and for which we are seeking funding for printing.

Also, these exist:

Sponsoring Organizations and Partners:

Contact Information

John S. Quarterman, Suwannee Riverkeeper, WWALS Watershed Coalition, wwalswatershed@gmail.com

Nearest Population Center

In Georgia, Valdosta (Lowndes County), Adel (Cook County), Nashville (Berrien County), and Tifton (Tift County) are located on or near the Withlacoochee River, and Moultrie (Colquitt County) and Quitman (Brooks County) are on creeks that feed into the Rivers.

In Florida, Madison (Madison County) and Jennings and Jasper (Hamilton County) are near the Withlacoochee River.

See WWALS Cities and Counties.


See News.

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