GA spills

Update 2018-12-22: GA-EPD daily online Sewage Spill Reports!

All the raw data is also on the WWALS website, including every business day update.


The resolution and petition that helped persuade GA-EPD.

Water Quality Data

See also water quality data from several sources.

Latest GA-EPD spill report differences processed by WWALS

2021-06-14--GA-EPD-Sewage-Spills-Report.html by WWALS Watershed Coalition; see
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Posting Date[2021-06-14]
Dekalb County Department of Watershed Management (Snapfinger Creek Advanced WTF)2021-06-12DeKalbAtlanta1129 Biltmore Drive, Atlanta2,600Raw SewageGA0024147Collection SystemDebrisChattahoocheeSouth Fork Peachtree Creek Tributary
Quitman, City of (Quitman WPCP)2021-06-07BrooksQuitmanQuitman WPCP U.S. Highway 84 Quitman47,200Raw SewageGAJ020022Lift StationPower failureSuwanneeOkapilco Creek
Macon Water Authority (Lower Poplar WRF)2021-05-13BibbMaconOcmulgee Mounds National Historical Park, Macon6,000Raw SewageGA0024538Collection SystemRootsOcmulgeeWalnut Tributary
Fulton County Department of Public Works (Big Creek WPCP)2021-05-12FultonAlpharetta3225 Waters Mill Drive Alpharetta, GA 300225,500Raw SewageGA0024333Collection SystemChattahoocheeLong Indian Creek
Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority (Yellow River WPCP)2021-05-12NewtonCovingtonOutfall beside 30 Cliff View Drive20,240Raw SewageGAJ020013Collection SystemGreaseUnnamed Trib. of Beaverdam Creek
Fulton County Department of Public Works (Big Creek WPCP)2021-05-12FultonFairburn8027 Spence Rd. Fairburn, GA 3021826,208Raw SewageGA0024333Collection SystemWet weatherChattahoocheeWhitewater Creek
Dekalb County Department of Watershed Management (Snapfinger Creek Advanced WTF)2021-05-11DeKalbDecatur2387 Cranbrooke Drive, Decatur5,760Raw SewageGA0024147Collection SystemPipe failureOcmulgeeDoolittle Creek Tributary B
Dekalb County Department of Watershed Management (Snapfinger Creek Advanced WTF)2021-05-11DeKalbAtlanta2427 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta6,780Raw SewageGA0024147Collection SystemPipe failureChattahoocheeNorth Fork Peachtree Creek Willow Lake

Valdosta spills

See also separate web page for Valdosta spills.

Update 2020-10-02

Sewage spills, Suwannee River Basin, Dec. 2019 – Sept. 2020

[Little, New, Withlacoochee, Summary, Alapaha River]
Little, New, Withlacoochee, Summary, Alapaha River

Update 2019-02-05

Ashburn, GA, spilled at top of Little River Basin 2019-01-22

Update 2019-01-26

Rochelle, GA, spills again 2019-01-24

Update 2019-01-11

Top of the Alapaha River Basin: Rochelle, GA, spilled 2019-01-10

Update 2019-01-06

Tifton spilled again into Agrirama Lake 2019-01-06

Update 2019-01-03

Quitman LAS spills again 2019-01-03

Georgia Spills December 1-3, 2019

[All Georgia sewage spills 1-3 December 2018]
All Georgia sewage spills 1-3 December 2018

Update 2018-12-31

See No new Suwannee River Basin Spills in Georgia 2018-12-31. We do have some clarifications on old spills, some even with raw sewage totals. Since the Sewage Spills Report GA-EPD posts each day replaces the previous one, WWALS has started picking up those reports daily and parsing out differences. This has revealed a total for a Quitman report, some Smithbriar Drive spelling corrections, a total for one Valdosta spill location, and where it goes (spoiler: into the Alapaha River Basin).

Update 2018-12-22

Tifton spilled, Quitman at two places, and Valdosta at six places, plus we have much larger previous totals than expected for Valdosta in gallons and places.

Update 2018-12-09

Tifton, Thomasville, Macon, Columbus, Atlanta, and Dekalb County spilled, but no new spills reported by Valdosta, Lowndes County, or Quitman. Albany reported more than a million gallons of raw sewage spilled from two locations, but nothing appears on that in this GA-EPD data. See WWALS blog post. [gdoc key=”” datatables_order=’%5B%5B 0, “desc” %5D%5D ‘]

Update 2018-12-05

Valdosta reported not one but fourteen spills, most still not stopped as of December 5, 2018. Lowndes County also had a spill. And we already knew Quitman did. Those 16 spills from the Suwannee River Basin accounted for more than a third of all spill locations reported from December 2 through December 5, 2018. See WWALS blog post.

Update 2018-12-03

Valdosta’s multi-million gallon spill hasn’t been reported to GA-EPD yet, and probably others haven’t yet. However, Quitman and others did report spills in an update through December 3, 2018. (I’m guessing the one dated December 30, 2018 is a typo.)

Update 2018-11-13

All sorts of spills, including a big one from a paper mill near Albany, GA, in an update through November 13, 2018. See WWALS blog post with slides.

Update 2018-10-15

Good news from GA-EPD! No new spills in the Suwannee River Basin in Georgia among the forty new ones reported to Atlanta since our previous update. The file from Atlanta is on the WWALS google drive. See also WWALS blog post.

Update 2018-09-18

More than 4,000 spills for 2015-01-01 to 2018-09-18 that were reported to GA-EPD’s Atlanta office: GA-EPD-Spill-Detail-Atlanta-2015–2018-09-18. See WWALS blog post for context.

Resolution and Petition

Previously, The only way the public finds found out about many sewage spills is when sends an open records request to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA-EPD), we get an update about spills reported to Atlanta, and we publish that information here.

Don’t you think GA-EPD should publish it themselves, the same day they get it? Florida and Alabama already do this, with signup for email alerts. Georgia can, too.

And now GA-EPD does that, thanks to all who asked the state of Georgia to tell everyone when something gets into our rivers: