Rochelle, GA, spills again 2019-01-24

Back in 2015 and 2016, Rochelle, GA had some sewage spill problems, but they appeared fixed. Until March 2018, and then again in November 2018, and twice now in January 2019.

Table, Spills

The January 10, 2019, Rochelle spill seemed almost negligible at 300 gallons of raw sewage. It took GA-EPD several tries even to figure out what river basin Rochelle is in: Suwannee River Basin, at the top of the Alapaha River Sub-Basin.

History, Spills

In previous years, Rochelle had a much bigger problem. Let’s hope that problem is not returning.

2015-01-01–2019-01-24–Rochelle-Spills.tsv by WWALS Watershed Coalition; see
2019-01-24Rochelle, City of (Northwest WPCP)WilcoxRochellePool Gin House lift station in Rochelle, GA2,000Raw SewageGA0024244Collection SystemEquipment failureSuwanneeunnamed tributary to Mill Creek
2019-01-10Rochelle, City of (Northwest WPCP)WilcoxRochelleManhole near lift station (Pool Gin House Road).500Raw SewageGA0024244Collection SystemUnknownSuwanneeDid not enter state waters
2018-11-15Rochelle, City of (Northwest WPCP)WilcoxRochelleInfluent manhole overflow at the Treatment Pond6,400Raw SewageGA0024244WWTPWet weatherSuwanneeMill Creek tributary
2018-03-20Rochelle, City of (Northwest WPCP)WilcoxRochelleWaste overflowed from the lift station onto the ground. No waste left the lift station property.360Raw SewageGA0024244Lift StationRags
2016-11-20Rochelle, City of (Southeast WPCP)WilcoxRochellePermitted outfall at Mill Creek for WWTP.230,000Treated EffluentGA0024236WWTPWet weatherSuwanneeMill Creek tributary
2016-07-31Rochelle, City of (Southeast WPCP)WilcoxRochelle0Treated EffluentGA0024236WWTPSuwanneeMill Creek Tributary
2016-06-19Rochelle, City of (Southeast WPCP)WilcoxrochelleAt outfall location of WPCP.20,000Treated EffluentGA0024236WWTPOtherSuwanneeMill Creek tributary
2015-09-06Rochelle, City of (Northwest WPCP)WilcoxRochelleRochelle Northwest WPCP20,000Treated EffluentGA0024244WWTPDebrisSuwanneeMill Creek Tributary
2015-09-06Rochelle, City of (Southeast WPCP)WilcoxRochelleCity of Rochelle Southeast WPCP.10,000Treated EffluentGA0024236WWTPDebrisSuwanneeUnnamed Creek Tributary to Mill Creek
2015-02-25Rochelle, City of (Northwest WPCP)WilcoxRochellemanhole on Jackson Road in Rochelle, GA.120Raw SewageGA0024244Collection SystemWet weatherSuwanneeMill Creek
2015-02-25Rochelle, City of (Northwest WPCP)WilcoxRochellemanhole adjacent to Sook Road Lift Station.1,260Raw SewageGA0024244Collection SystemWet weatherSuwanneeMill Creek
2015-01-04Rochelle, City of (Northwest WPCP)WilcoxRochelleManhole in roadway adjacent to the Sook Road Lift Station in Rochelle, GA.8,624Raw SewageGA0024244Collection SystemWet weatherSuwanneeMill Creek tributary

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