LNG Export in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida

Update 2020-01-14: Better maps.

Update 2018-06-06: Fundraiser to stop FERC shirking its LNG oversight duties.

Did you know there are multiple liquid natural gas (LNG) facilities already shipping LNG down I-75 and I-10 to Jacksonville, Florida, another one in Hialeah, FL apparently exporting through Miami, with permission to export from four ports up and down Florida’s east coast, plus another permitted at Crystal River, and still more?

[WWALS LNG Export Map]
WWALS LNG Export Map

Only a few of the LNG operations shown were permitted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC); most notably Elba Island LNG, downstream from Savannah, Georgia. Most of them have been authorized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy (FE).

Pivotal LNG, LNG and ports

Pivotal LNG is trucking LNG to JAXport right now.

Pivotal is a subsidiary of AGL Resources, which Southern Company bought and renamed Southern Company Gas. The blue lines indicate the most obvious road routes for the contracts to ship LNG from the indicated facilities in Alabama and Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida.

Pivotal LNG, LNG and ports

LNG in Florida, LNG and ports

Florida is criss-crossed with truck routes to get LNG to the ports of Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Port of Palm Beach (which is actually in Riviera Beach), and Port of Miami. Not all of these routes are in operation yet, and most of the indicated LNG terminals have not been built yet, but Titusville LNG wants to ship to all those ports, and Hialeah LNG, which also does, appears to already be operational.

Strom LNG at Crystal River may want to ship to other ports, but we’ve only shown a road route to JAXport. Now plus Port Miami.

[Sabal Trail - FSC - MR-RV]
Sabal Trail – FSC – MR-RV

LNG in Jacksonville, LNG and ports

JAXport seems to love LNG, and not just for fueling ships. LNG is already going offshore at least as far as a pharmaceutical company in Puerto Rico, and Crowley Maritime has authorization to ship LNG to all FTA and non-FTA countries. Crowley Maritime’s headquarters is visible as a yellow ship. Yes, Crowley is fueling some ships with LNG, but it is also shipping LNG in containers to power plants across the water.

Lower left to right the orange chemical markers indicate Eagle Maxville LNG, which may already be built, Eagle Jacksonville LNG, which is still in FERC permitting, and JAX LNG, which Pivotal LNG plans to build, near JAXport’s Blount Island shipping terminal, shown with the blue ship. Possibly all of them will ship through Crowley, but the map was getting cluttered.

LNG in Jacksonville, LNG and ports

LNG in Southeast-Florida, LNG and ports

Floridian LNG, not yet built near Indiantown, is shown with a likely route to JAXport; it may ship to other ports, as well; hard to tell by the permits. The blue ships for the ports of Riviera Beach and Miami Beach are destinations for at least Titusville LNG and Hialeah LNG. Hialeah LNG is visible towards the bottom, with the headquarters of its parent New Fortress LNG marked with the orange briefcase, even though Fortress was bought recently by Softbank of Tokyo, Japan.

Goven LNG is marked with the yellow chemical sign just below that; I can’t tell where they might ship.

LNG in Southeast-Florida, LNG and ports

Yes, we have documentation on all this. And these are just likely road routes.

Some of these LNG export operations are permitted to ship by rail, involving both Florida East Coast Rail (FECR) and CSX. Yes, FECR (and probably CSX) are planning to fuel some trains with LNG. But it looks like they’re also planning to carry LNG in containers to shipping ports for overseas export.

And yes, some of these LNG operations are right at the end of the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline or its offshoots: Strom LNG, Floridian LNG, Eagle LNG, and the Port of Palm Beach in Riviera Beach. Maybe we’ll do a map showing that, too, but the point here is the sheer number of LNG export operations authorized and the far-flung mesh of road routes from them to ports in Florida.

You can also see them on an interactive Google map.

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Google Map

Follow this link for the interactive google map, or it’s also embedded below.

You may notice it also shows Pivotal LNG’s Elizabethtown, New Jersey operation, which Southern Company just sold off.