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Three more downstream in Florida ask GA-EPD to tell everyone about spills in Georgia; you can, too! 2018-10-30

Update 2018-11-01: Now plus Paddle Florida, for six Florida signers and fourteen Georgia signers. A copy with all twenty signers went today to GA-EPD Director Richard E. Dunn and Assistant Director Lauren M. Curry. Yes, your organization can still sign on for later delivery.

Three Florida groups downstream in the Suwannee River Basin ask the state of Georgia to tell everyone when somebody spills sewage (or something else) into rivers in Georgia:

Aquiferious, Logos Margaret Tolbert,

Our Santa Fe River, Logos Michael Roth,
Our Santa Fe River

These three groups add to two others in Florida that are not even downstream, and to twelve in Georgia so far. Your group can also sign on to the resolution.


We plan to send this resolution to GA-EPD by the first of November. To get your organization on the copy sent then, please sign on by the end of October, which is tomorrow, Halloween. Continue reading

Phosphate mine protest in Bradford County on WCJB, Gainesville, FL

This Monday, TV from the much bigger Alachua County to the south covered the water protectors at the Bradford County Commission meeting last Thursday.

Stewardship is a sacred responsibility, not a license to plunder!
Stewardship is a sacred responsibility, not a license to plunder!

Haley Wade, WCJB, 21 August 2017, Protestors Picket Phosphate Mine, Continue reading

Videos: Surprise phosphate mining discussion at Bradford County, FL BOCC 2017-07-20

The regular attendees said there would be no fireworks this time. Yet it was a very interesting meeting, especially once the County Attorney asked for scheduling a date to select the consulting engineer about the phosphate mine. The Commissioners and staff discussed August 8 in the morning or August 17 in the evening. Public comment preferred the latter. The County Attorney strongly advised they go ahead and decide when so there will be plenty of time to advertise it. The decision: Thursday evening, August 17, 2017.

Below are links to each WWALS video, followed by a video playlist. See also the agenda.