Still green to go, Withlacoochee River to GA-FL line 2020-07-29

Update 2020-07-31: Just when you think it’s safe, nope, Withlacoochee River to GA-FL line 2020-07-29.

Whatever got into the Withlacoochee River Friday at GA 133 appears to have had no effect downstream, according to Valdosta and WWALS results from Wednesday. Ditto a Wednesday alert level reading for E. coli in Crooked Creek at Devane Road by WWALS testers Michael and Jacob Bachrach; they also report that creek only had three inches of water at its deepest. Yet WWALS Wednesday results for Knights Ferry and State Line Boat Ramps are excellent. Happy boating, swimming, and fishing this weekend!

[Map: Devane Road to State Line]
Map: Devane Road to State Line, in the WWALS map of the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT).

So apparently rainwater has diluted contamination. We have no new Florida results since Tuesday a week ago, but also no reason to believe there’s any problem downstream from the state line. Ditto for Nankin Boat Ramp.

[Good from US 84 to State Line]
Good from US 84 to State Line.
For the entire WWALS composite spreadsheet of results from Georgia and Florida, as well as other context, see

All Withlacoochee River “beaches” are still green on Swim Guide.

[Green on Swim Guide, Withlacoochee River]
Green on Swim Guide, Withlacoochee River

The dirtiest sample (Crooked Creek) looks the cleanest.

[Water samples, US 84, Knights Ferry, State Line]
Water samples, US 84, Knights Ferry, State Line

But the incubated PetriFilms for Crooked Creek @ Devane Road sure don’t look clean.

[Crooked Creek @ Devane Road]
Crooked Creek @ Devane Road

The other PetriFilms look hardly contaminated.

[Petrifilms for all sampled locations]
Petrifilms for all sampled locations

Looking back to last week.

[Good E. coli even at GA 133]
Good E. coli even at GA 133

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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