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Apparently clean rivers after rain 2024-04-04

Update 2024-04-12: Valdosta Huntley Drive FOG sewage spill 2024-04-09.

All the recent results we have are good for every river tested, although the results are somewhat sparse. Even tests on the Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers after the big rains were quite clean. Valdosta’s Wednesday Withlacoochee River results before the rains were also good.

High Springs, Florida, had a sewage spill, but it was small and probably had no effect on the Santa Fe river.

It’s sunny days for a week.

However, the rivers are mostly quite high and fast, around action stage or higher. Your best bet is probably the Suwannee River from White Springs to Suwannee Springs.

Or join us next week on Saturday for Withlacoochee River Earth Day Cleanup, Langdale Park Boat Ramp 2024-04-13.

[Chart, Apparently Clean Rivers, Map 2024-04-04]
Chart, Apparently Clean Rivers, Map 2024-04-04

Valdosta’s last week Wednesday results, which only showed up this week because of the holiday last Friday, were not good. However, their results for Wednesday this week are good.

As previously mentioned, Valdosta is sampling now only weekly, and only at GA 133 and US 84 on the Withlacoochee River.

Although Valdosta did report followup Knights Creek sampling for Tuesday, with good results upstream and down from its chronic collapsed sewer line location.

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