Pictures, Hahira Honeybee Friday 2018-10-05

Gretchen and Dave and me had a fine time Friday at the Hahira Honeybee Festival. Families really like the EnviroScape. Come on down today and see Bobby and the McKenzie clan march in the parade with Suwannee Riverkeeper!

Family, Enviroscape, Gretchen, Enviroscape
Family, Enviroscape, Gretchen Quarterman

Thanks for the donation of the EnviroScape, Savannah Barry and Nature Coast Biological Station.

Families, Gretchen making rain, Enviroscape
Gretchen making rain on the Enviroscape for a family.

Raffle kayak, Basin map, Enviroscape
Raffle kayak, Suwannee River Basin map, Enviroscape

Child making rain, Enviroscape
Child making rain on the Enviroscape

A satisfied family, Enviroscape
A satisfied family.

Up to see, Enviroscape
Up to see.

Dave Hetzel in the booth, Staff change

Dave Hetzel in the booth, Staff change


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