WWALS at Reed Bingham State Park 2012-10-22

WWALS had a brief canoe and kayak outing at Reed Bingham State Park Sunday, led by Bret Wagenhorst. Heading out, and some coppices of native trees.

Heading out Coppices

Bret explaining, and Ogeechee limes (the red fruits):

Bret explaining Ogeechee limes (the red fruits)

Native woods and invasive species (hydrilla, water hyacinth, yellow water primrose, elephant ear):

Woods Invasive species

Great Blue Heron:

Great Blue Heron

Back into the sun, and tierra firma.

Back into the sun Bret, Nathan, and Angel

We also saw alligator, turtle, coot, kingfisher, egret, and dragonflies, but those proved elusive to the camera. Here’s a video playlist of this lovely late afternoon paddle.

Pictures and videos by John S. Quarterman for WWALS Watershed Coalition (WWALS), Lowndes County, Georgia, 21 October 2012.