Blocked: Hotchkiss Landing closed by big blocks of concrete, October 2010

Why was a public road, Old State Road, blocked by concrete blocks from late 2010 through at least early 2012, right at Hotchkiss Landing on the Alapaha River in Lowndes County, Georgia?

According to two witnesses, this is what Old State Road at Hotchkiss Landing looked like shortly after the Lowndes County Commission decision of 26 October 2010 to keep the road open:

Seen from north side
Picture by Cactus Clyde on flickr, who wrote:
“Alapaha River a mile upstream pf the US84 bridge (on the Hotchkiss Road) east of Naylor, GA- river level 77.96′ at Statenville, GA on 12/11/11. No acces on the west side any longer- this was taken looking west.”

April Huntley says “It happened right after the decision to not close the road.” Chris Graham says this was “Few days after we won.” According to the date on that picture, the road was still blocked 11 December 2011.

Google Earth shows that same blockage for 14 January 2012 in imagery taken by NASA, and that’s also what the current google map shows:

Seen by google earth 2012-01-24 Seen by google maps

Hotchkiss Landing was not blocked In April 2009, when Bret Wagenhorst’s canoe group took out there:

April 2009

It was not blocked 1 February 2013, when Gretchen took this picture, although you can see one of the blocks then off to the side to the left of the picture (to my right):

1 February 2013 looking up (south)

In this picture, also from 1 February 2013, you can see both quite large pieces of concrete that formerly blocked the road, since dragged to the side by someone.

1 February 2013 looking down (north)

Who put those blocks there, and who dragged them aside?