Agenda, WWALS Board meeting, 7:30 PM 10 April 2013, IHOP, Adel

Here is the agenda for tonight’s board meeting. The public is invited. -jsq

WWALS logo WWALS Watershed Coalition
Regular Meeting
Board of Directors
7:30 PM 10 April 2013, IHOP, Adel, GA
  1. Call to Order
  2. Agenda review and any additions or changes
  3. Review and approval of minutes of March board meeting
  4. Previous meetings and events
    1. First Annual Big Little River Paddle Race –Bret Wagenhorst
    2. Georgia River Network Weekend for Rivers –John S. Quarterman
  5. Future meetings and events
    1. 20 April 2013 outing: Withlacoochee River? –Gretchen Quarterman
    2. 8 May 2013 board meeting: speaker?
    3. 11 May 2013 Janisse Ray Fundraiser –Karan Rawlins
  6. Finances
    1. Bank account –Nathan Wilkins and Dave Hetzel
    2. 501(c)(3) –Brittney Hull and Dave Hetzel
    3. Flint Riverkeeper passthrough –John S. Quarterman
  7. Grants
    1. DoD –Karan Rawlins
    2. Ben & Jerry’s Foundation –John S. Quarterman
    3. Other
  8. Communications
  9. Elections to Vacancies
    1. Board
    2. Secretary
  10. Other business
  11. Adjourn

WWALS Bylaws Article V, Section 5. Vacancies.

Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Trustees shall be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining Trustees then in office, even though less than a quorum, or by the sole remaining Trustee, as the case may be, and when so filled, the newly elected Trustee shall serve for the unexpired term of the Trustee to whose place he succeeds.

WWALS Bylaws Article VII, Section 2. Removal, Vacancies.

Any vacancy occurring in any office of the Corporation may be filled by the remaining Trustees prior to the next annual meeting of the Board of Trustees at any special or regular meeting of the Board.