Water filter to remove arsenic and lead

Arsenic --OSHA Wanted to make sure all of you have a Water Filter to remove Arsenic III [arsenic trioxide] and Lead!! Jane Perry, Chemical Hazards Project Director, Ga Dept of Health, has not been allowed to tell Doctors about Arsenic in our drinking water causing Cancer, especially Lung Cancer… Until she is “allowed to”, please share this email and tell others to get proper water filter! Thank You!!

-Janet McMahan

Letter from Jane M. Perry to Janet McMahan

Jane M. Perry From: Jane M Perry <jmperry@dhr.state.ga.us>
To: jmcmahan54@yahoo.com
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 2:26 PM
Subject: Re: update


Also, the drought concentrates the levels of arsenic in groundwater.

The levels of arsenic are high enough to increase the risk of cancer in
south Georgia and we are seeing statisticantly significant rates of some arsenic associated cancer types in some counties; e.g., lung. That I can show these tables to the notification system office will help us get the message out on a large scale faster.

Gulf Trough Also, the maps will show any increase in number of cases along the “Gulf Trogh”. But as you know, it is very difficult to prove a cancer cluster, and even harder that it might be caused by this or any other environmental expsoure. Arsenic is the most complex chemical, in that it causes several different cancers. Most chemicals are organ system specific. However, I am impatient to get the word out too so that people reduce, eliminate exposure, and that those who haven’t tested, do so.

I’ll update you again early next week. Thanks for your patience.


Finally, the Health Department was allowed to: Test wells for arsenic —South Health District. -jsq