George Page of VL Parks and Rec speaks to WWALS Board 2013-06-12

Draft Agenda

WWALS Watershed Coalition
Regular Meeting
Board of Directors
Wednesday 7:30 PM 12 June 2013
IHOP, Adel, GA

  1. Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions

  2. Special Speaker – George Page
    Valdosta Lowndes Parks and Recreation Executive Director since 2011.
    Mr. Page will update us on current park efforts and river access
    perhaps plus some VLPRA ideas on river trails.

  3. Agenda review and any additions or changes

  4. Review and approval of minutes of May board meetings

  5. Final review of minutes for 2012 and 2013 (January February March).

  6. Future meetings and events

    1. June 2013 outing (third Saturday 15th or delay to 22nd?)
    2. 10 July 2013 meeting – Dr. William Grow
    3. 20 July 2013 outing (third Saturday)
    4. 17 August 2013 event (seminar with Gordon Rogers?)
  7. Finances

    1. Starting/Ending Balance for May
    2. 501(c)(3) –Brittney Hull and Dave Hetzel
    3. Donation Accounting – Brittney Hull
    4. Flint Riverkeeper passthrough –John S. Quarterman
  8. Communications –Garry

    1. Among the board: board google group, telephone, facebook, meetings, etc.
    2. With the members: WWALS google group, website, facebook, events, etc.
    3. With the public: website, facebook, events, etc.
  9. Maintain action item list and brief review

    1. Business cards – Garry
    2. Thank you cards – Gretchen/Karan
    3. Banner Prices – Gretchen
    4. Other items?
  10. Program Organization

    discuss having committees or VPs that will coordinate on-going activities

    1. Outings
    2. Water quality: monitor and report standard pollutants plus arsenic.
    3. Invasive species: Engage and train citizen scientists to report on invasive species (see’s SEEDN mobile phone app), clearcuts, and developments along with native species.
    4. Trash Cleanups: in conjunction with local organizations.
    5. Educational materials and training: engage watershed landowners.
    6. Codes: report erosion and buffer violations for planning and enforcement by local governments and the Army Corps of Engineers.
    7. Legislative issues: provide forums for state and national legislators about water issues that affect our watersheds.
    8. Local government issues: provide forums for local city and county governments to address water issues that affect them all, and occasionally take advising or litigating roles.
  11. Other VPs or committees?

    1. Membership
    2. Speakers
  12. Elections

    1. Who are the members? How may they vote?
    2. Prepare for Board Elections
    3. Prepare for Officer Elections
  13. Grants

    1. GRN Grant – JSQ
    2. Community Foundation of South Georgia – JSQ
    3. Woodruff Foundation – Karan
    4. Others?
  14. Other business

  15. Adjourn