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Marsh is not land, not here, not at Jekyll Island –WWALS Watershed Coalition

Unanimously approved Wednesday by the WWALS board (PDF). JIA meets next Monday 15 July 2013.

WWALS Watershed Coalition
3338 Country Club Road #L336
Valdosta, GA 31605
10 July 2013

Governor Nathan Deal,
Attorney General Sam Olens,
the Jekyll Island Authority,
and the Georgia Legislature

Frog viewing swamp Here in central south Georgia our pocosin swamps and blackwater river flood plains are important for fishing, hunting, wildlife and ecological preservation as well as recreation and flood control. In our watersheds we have serious problems of flooding at least partly due to Continue reading

Solar passed GA PSC!

We (the people) won!

WWALS helped by writing a letter to GA PSC, reading it to them, and asking Commissioner Everett to vote for it. He did, and Georgia Power is now required to buy more than twice as much solar power. Details here.