Blueway Trails in South Georgia?

In the Lanier County Advocate today:

300x860 Blueways clipping, in Blueway Trails in South Georgia?, by Christopher Lee Graham, for, 25 June 2014 Blue Trails are marked routes that take visitors along rivers, lakes, canals and coastlines. Water trails not only require suitable access points and take-outs for exits but also provide place ashore to camp and picnic and points of interest for canoeists, paddle boarders, boaters, kayakers and rafts. Some trails maybe suitable for float tubing. Blueways are typically developed by the state, county or local municipalities to encourage recreation, ecological education and preservation of wildlife resources.

As a Naylor resident I urge the surrounding county residents to contact their local commissioner and demand all public access to the Alapaha river to be tie into the #Regional_ Water_ Trails_System.

Here are some of the benefits of having a Blueway on the Alapaha river: it will have a positive economic impact from increased tourism, plus it will increase opportunities for outdoor recreation and water resource protection and contribution to public health and quality of life. You can see the old historic sites that use to be out on the water or near the river. There are many more of benefits of having a Blueway. Blue are environmentally friendly because they don’t disturb the environment. They are designed to protect the environment and raise awareness on how to keep it safe.

There is no doubt this would be a good asset to have in Lanier county and the surrounding counties in the state of Georgia.

-Christopher Graham

Also on facebook. See also Georgia Water Trails Website.


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