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First Withlacoochee River Water Trail Committee meeting tonight 2015-06-22

We just added another member to this committee, and we’re looking for more (see press release, for multiple committees, and for the WWALS board. If interested, please fill out the application form.

Withlacoochee River Water Trail Committee
Meeting Agenda
7:30 PM, Monday, 22 June 2015
by telephone
Contact Committee Chair Chris Mericle for details
mericle@gmail.com, 386-855-5096 cell, 386-938-5943 home

  1. Review Proposal that was accepted by the WWALS Executive Board for this new committee.
    Create a working document from the proposal: a blueprint for the water trail
  2. Discuss the water trail name:
    • Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail
    • or Withlacoochee River Water Trail
    • or something else?
  3. Review material on the WRWT web page (to be continued in further meetings)