Last Call to E-Comment to FERC about DEIS 2015-10-26

Speak up today and be heard by FERC and the whole world watching!

Update 4:30 PM 26 Oct 2015: I called FERC and was told e-comments or e-filings any time today or even tomorrow will be fine. Paper mail postmarked today will be fine. I was told they’re more interested in getting the comments than in exactly when they’re sent. But don’t wait very long.

Here’s how to e-comment.

Simple is good: “I love the Withlacoochee River (or the Suwannee River, or Okapilco Creek, or….) and I don’t want a huge pipeline drilled under it.”

Or: “We’ve got enough sinkholes without risking more with a pipeline that doesn’t even benefit us.”

Just write what you mean and send it in.

If you want inspiration, here’s what many other people have said.

But don’t get hung up on trying to review all the background: just say what you mean. Say it today!


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