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Water and family farms more precious than Sabal Trail Sinkhole Pipeline: citizens to FERC in Moultrie 2015-09-29

“Water is our most precious commodity, not pipelines, not Sabal Trail,”, said WWALS member Alton Burns, and both he and WWALS president John S. Quarterman spoke twice, about safety, water, conflicts of interest, the Floridan Aquifer, lack of transparency, Okapilco Creek, the Withlacoochee River, and the Suwannee River, all of which Sabal Trail is trying to drill under. Local landowners were the most blunt: the FERC process is a farce and a hoax, they said. See for yourself in these LAKE videos from Moultrie last night.

But it’s still important for you to come speak up, to be on the record, so the news media will hear, and so your neighbors will hear. The FERC meetings continue tonight in Valdosta and Continue reading

Albany reporter objects to citizens asking a public official to represent them against the invading Sabal Trail pipeline

Thanks, Carlton Fletcher, for reminding the public the fight against Sabal Trail isn’t over! Come tell FERC what you think in Moultrie tonight, Valdosta Wednesday, or Lake City Thursday.

Asking our most local representatives to table or deny a motion threatening our Withlacoochee River and Okapilco Creek isn’t “magic”: it’s democracy. Maybe GA-DNR should publish contact information for its board members to make that easier. Meanwhile, David won against Goliath and we can too.

Carlton Fletcher, Albany Herald, 26 September 2015, CARLTON FLETCHER: Anti-pipeline letter steps over line: Continue reading

WWALS on Chris Beckham radio show 105.9 FM Wednesday 2015-09-30

The FERC circus in Valdosta Wednesday, Kayaktivism on the Withlacoochee River Saturday, reprinting Alapaha River Water Trail brochures, the new Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail, and WWALS v. Sabal Trail & FL-DEP in Jasper (or Live Oak) 19-22 October 2015:

these are some of the topics WWALS president John S. Quarterman will talk about on the air.

When: 8AM Wednesday October 30th 2015

Where: Continue reading

Three FERC Sabal Trail meetings in WWALS territory: Moultrie, Valdosta, Lake City, Sept. 29,30, Oct 1 2015

After Albany on Monday, the Moultrie, Valdosta, and Lake City FERC Sabal Trail hearings are all in WWALS territory, and Sabal Trail’s fracked methane pipeline would cross WWALS’ Okapilco Creek near Moultrie, Withlacoochee River near Valdosta, and Suwannee River near Jasper. The Georgia DNR board Wednesday gave away easements under those streams to Sabal Trail, but they’re not permanent until at least two more state approval steps, and they mean nothing if the pipeline is cancelled.

The FERC meetings are all 5:30 PM speaker signup, 6 PM FERC presentation, then 3 minutes each per audience speaker, ending 8 PM.

  • Monday, September 28, 2015, at Albany Civic Center, Meeting Room, West Oglethorpe, Albany, GA 31701
  • * Tuesday, September 29, 2015, at Colquitt County High School, Withers Auditorium, 1800 Park Avenue SE, Moultrie, GA 31776
  • * Wednesday, September 30, at Holiday Inn Valdosta, Conference Center Magnolia Ballroom, 1805 West Hill Ave., Valdosta, GA 31601.
  • * Thursday, October 1, at Columbia High School Auditorium, 469 SE Fighting Tiger Drive, Lake City, FL 32025

* Marks meetings in WWALS territory.

Why is the first Florida meeting in Lake City, when Sabal Trail does not propose to go through Columbia County? Continue reading

Withlacoochee River upstream, Langdale Park to US 41, kayaktivism against Sabal Trail pipeline 2015-10-03

Come paddle the idyllic Withlacoochee River in its most urbanized area, Valdosta, The bridge in sight 30.8907604, -83.3211441 help clean up trash, and do kayaktivism against the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline, which would cross only a few miles downstream. This is a WWALS Field Trip from Langdale Park upstream to the North Valdosta Road Bridge, Saturday morning October 3rd 2015, in support of the VSU Anthropology Club, the VSU Sociology Club, and Students Against Violating the Environment (S.A.V.E.), who invite you to Kayaktivism Day 2015!

Help us protect the Withlacoochee River!

If I’m not mistaken, Continue reading

Florida Well Salinity Study

Update 2017-05-18: Salt water intrusion inland is worse than you think, including the “Apalachicola salinity feature” up to the GA-FL line and east through Lowndes County, with a special additional brackish Valdosta feature. See Revised Hydrogeologic Framework of the Floridan Aquifer System 2016-03.

Update 2016-02-22: Fixed URLs for DEP files.

Salt water and other solids are coming up in Florida wells far inland from the sea, Sulfate in Status Network Wells (All Aquifers) Modeled Using Inverse Distance Weighting right up to the state line, and it probably doesn’t stop there. The problem is worse on the coasts and in south Florida, but north central Florida is not immune, judging by these preliminary maps by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Likely culprits would seem to include overpumping. Continue reading

Picture: Alapaha Cleanup @ GA 135 2015-09-26

A cleanup and a new WWALS banner! Thanks to Bret Wagenhorst for both, at the Alapaha River at GA 135 on the Atkinson County side today.

Last one is here