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Picture: Alapaha Cleanup @ GA 135 2015-09-26

A cleanup and a new WWALS banner! Thanks to Bret Wagenhorst for both, at the Alapaha River at GA 135 on the Atkinson County side today.

Last one is here


Sabal Trail exposed in Jasper News

The closest FERC meeting is actually in Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 30 September 2015. And remember, sinkholes don’t matter, says FERC.

Front page Amber Vann, Jasper News, 24 September 2015, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Sabal’s proposed pipeline impact ‘less than significant’ on environment,

According to the EIS, “constructing and operating the Sabal Trail Project in South Georgia/North Florida could induce sinkhole development, alter spring characteristics and impact local groundwater flow and quality.” However, the study finds that Sabal Trail’s proposed impact minimization measures and construction methods would cause the project to not “significantly impact karst terrain, springs or the Floridian aquifer.”

The EIS goes on to state the Floridian aquifer is the “most productive aquifer Continue reading