Sabal Trail exposed in Jasper News

The closest FERC meeting is actually in Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 30 September 2015. And remember, sinkholes don’t matter, says FERC.

Front page Amber Vann, Jasper News, 24 September 2015, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Sabal’s proposed pipeline impact ‘less than significant’ on environment,

According to the EIS, “constructing and operating the Sabal Trail Project in South Georgia/North Florida could induce sinkhole development, alter spring characteristics and impact local groundwater flow and quality.” However, the study finds that Sabal Trail’s proposed impact minimization measures and construction methods would cause the project to not “significantly impact karst terrain, springs or the Floridian aquifer.”

The EIS goes on to state the Floridian aquifer is the “most productive aquifer in the SMP Project area and is one of the highest producing aquifers in the world,” producing 60 percent of Florida’s groundwater used. The karst terrain the Sabal Trail Project would go through is “critical in controlling recharge and discharge of the Floridian aquifer system and is a principal reason the system is highly productive,” the EIS states. Sabal Trail’s restoration and construction methods, as well as their training, inspection and storage procedures for hazardous materials, were found to be sufficient to protect groundwater in these areas, the EIS states.

FERC staff have concluded that “approval of the SMP Project would have some adverse environmental impacts; however, these impacts would be reduced to less-than-significant levels with the implementation of the applicants’ proposed mitigation and the additional measures recommended in the draft EIS.”

Funny FERC didn’t mention a Spectra pipeline blowing up under the Arkansas River last May.

Here’s the FERC Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and meeting schedule.

Public comment on the EIS is open now until Oct. 26 online, by mail or through public meetings. When making a comment, be sure to reference the docket number for each SMP applicant. Sabal Trail’s docket number is CP15-17-000. If you need assistance, email or call (202) 502-8258.

To comment electronically, use the eComment or eFiling features on under “Documents and Filings.” An eComment can hold text only, while an eFiling can have multiple attachments.

To comment by mail, send your correspondence to Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street NE, Room 1A, Washington, D.C. 20426.

Although the Sabal Trail pipeline, as currently drawn, would run along the western border of Hamilton County and through western and central Suwannee County, there are no public meetings scheduled in these counties.

The first on is in Albany, GA Monday 28 September 2015, then in Moultrie Tuesday 29 September 2015 and in Valdosta Wednesday 30 September 2015.

The nearest public meetings will be held in Columbia County, a county currently unaffected by Sabal Trail, on Thursday, Oct. 1, and in Gilchrist County on Thursday, Oct. 8. Columbia County’s meeting will be held at the Columbia High School Auditorium located at 469 SE Fighting Tiger Dr., Lake City. Gilchrist County’s meeting will be held at the Bell High School Auditorium located at 930 S Main St. in Bell.

Sign-up for speakers at both events begins at 5:30 p.m., the speakers’ comment period starts at 6 p.m., and the meeting ends at 8 p.m. or once all speakers have provided their comments, whichever comes first. Speakers may be limited to three minutes to present their comments.

Sabal Trail got years to prepare this bogus DEIS and you get three minutes to speak against it. Does that seem right to you?

The WWALS Watershed Coalition plans to argue against Sabal Trail’s pipeline plans during a legal hearing either in Live Oak or Jasper during the week of Oct. 19-22 in the interest of conserving local wetlands and the aquifer, according to a Sept. 23 press release.

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