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FL-DEP grants hearing to WWALS against Sabal Trail pipeline under Suwannee River


FL-DEP grants hearing to WWALS against Sabal Trail pipeline under Suwannee River

September 4nd, 2015, Jasper, Florida — Yesterday the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FL-DEP) asked for an administrative law judge (ALJ) “to conduct all necessary proceedings required by law and to submit a recommended order to the Department”. Certifiate of Service FL-DEP apparently interprets its Order of the previous day as dismissing only the petition of WWALS-FL, a Florida nonprofit corporation, and not that of the parent corporation, WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. (WWALS). So it seems WWALS gets a hearing after all.

WWALS president John S. Quarterman remarked:

“Everyone told us we’d never get a hearing, so apparently we interpreted the previous day’s FL-DEP dismissal too broadly. But sometimes if you try, you succeed. And WWALS continues to try to stop the unnecessary, destructive, and hazardous Sabal Trail pipeline.”

And it seems FL-DEP is reading the news about this case, because Continue reading

WWALS to get hearing with FL-DEP about Sabal Trail –Palm Beach Post

FL-DEP is reading the news about the WWALS petition, we know because DEP sent a copy of yesterday’s FL-DEP request for an administrative law judge directly to the Palm Beach Post. The Post had already published a story saying the WWALS petition had been dismissed, and changed it to say WWALS has been granted a hearing. (See also WWALS press release.)

Susan Salisbury, Palm Beach Post, 3 September 2015, Florida DEP says anti-pipeline group’s case to be heard,

A conservation group seeking to stop the proposed 465-mile Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline from boring under the iconic Suwannee River has now been granted its request for a hearing.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection said late Thursday Continue reading

FL-DEP requests administrative law judge for WWALS petition against Sabal Trail

WWALS received this notice 3:32 PM Thursday 3 September 2015 (5 Mbyte PDF). It’s 88 pages with the attachments; follow the added links for them. See also WWALS press release.

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Request for assignment of Administrative Law Judge and Notice of preservation of record STATE OF FLORIDA

OGC CASE NO.: 15-0468







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WWALS petition against Sabal Trail dismissed on technicality –Gainesville Times

And it turns out that technicality may actually be in WWALS’ favor; stay tuned.

Drawing on the WWALS PR of 3 Sep 2015 and adding detail, Christopher Curry, Gainesville Sun and Ocala StarBanner, 3 September 2015, DEP again rejects Georgia group’s challenge to Sabal Trail pipeline,

In a statement sent out Thursday, WWALS alleged that the DEP ignored legitimate environmental concerns to dismiss the challenge on a “technicality.”

“WWALS and WWALS-FL continue to point out the obvious: Continue reading

WWALS amended petition denied by FL-DEP –WCTV

WCTV published the news of Wednesday, but stay tuned; more is coming.

Winnie Wright, WCTV, 3 September 2015, Pipeline Opposition Group Denied Appeal By FL-DEP,

The Florida DEP told the WWALS Watershed coalition it would have to amend its appeal in order for it to be considered.

However, according to the organization, their appeal to block the Sabal Trail Pipeline from being built in Florida was denied.


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Sabal Trail could affect Green Swamp –Daily Commercial on WWALS petition to FL-DEP

A Sumter County paper adds some local details of the possible ill effects of the Sabal Trail pipeline on the Green Swamp and other waterways, drawing its main story about the WWALS petition to FL-DEP from the Gainesville Sun article. And see further developments.

Scott Callahan and Christopher Curry Halifax Media Group, Daily Commercial, 2 September 2015, Proposed natural gas pipeline draws petition,

In Lake County, the pipeline will cross wetlands and possibly impact the Green Swamp and flows of the Little and Big Creeks, according to the Lake County Water Authority.

“The flows from these two creeks are vital Continue reading

AES Port of Palm Beach LNG export at end of Transco → Sabal Trail → FSC pipeline chain

A company from Wyoming based in Chicago was rubberstamped in November 2013 to export liquid natural gas (LNG) from the Port of Palm Beach, and it can transport LNG “over highways and/or by rail”. Advanced Energy Solutions (AES) intends to get its fracked methane from Floridian Natural Gas Storage Company (FLiNG), which is conveniently located right where the Transco → Sabal Trail → FSC pipeline chain goes in Martin County, FL. This LNG approval was done without public hearings, with public input hidden, and with a clause to hide LNG export contract details. This they claim is “consistent with the public interest”. And this only one of four LNG export operations right where this pipeline chain goes. Yet neither Sabal Trail nor FERC ever said anything about LNG export until questioned by local citizens. And then they had little or no comment.

This AES LNG export operation was approved for Martin County, Florida 14 November 2013, one month after Continue reading