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No need for this pipeline. Solar power is what we should be doing. –WWALS on WCTV 2015-08-28

As we prepared to put in at US 84 to paddle up the Withlacoochee River to the proposed Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline crossing, WCTV interviewed us, and indeed she picked out the main point.

Update 2015-08-31: I’m told people did see this story live on air on WCTV.

Winnie Wright, WCTV, 28 August 2015, WWALS Watershed Coalition Files Petition Against Pipeline,

Hamilton County, FL—WWALS Watershed Coalition filed an amended petition Friday, opposing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s intent to issue a building permit for a 36-inch natural pipeline under the Suwannee River in Florida.

“The combination of all this opposition, what we of course want to do is to stop the pipeline”, says John Quarterman, with WWALS. “There’s no need for this pipeline. Solar power is what we should be doing.”

Some of the other opposition I referred to was Continue reading

Pictures: Withlacoochee River and Sabal Trail @ US 84 2015-08-28

A paddle so brief we went past and had to float back WWALS at the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline crossing 30.7955398, -83.4526749 down the Withlacoochee River to where the Sabal Trail pipeline proposes to cross.

Winnie Wright of WCTV interviewed us at the US 84 bridge median while we were preparing to put in; don’t know if it aired.

Update 2015-08-28: WCTV story online.

See previous post for pictures of the put-in. It has everything: steep rocks, thorny Smilax vines, poison ivy, and wasp stings! Yes, this is Continue reading

FSI Requests comprehensive groundwater nitrate sampling in Alachua and Gilchrist Counties

Not sure why FSI didn’t put this on their website, but here it is, both PDF and HTML below.




FSI requests page 1 Contact: Dr. Robert Knight
Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute

August 28, 2015, GAINESVILLE, FL — On Thursday, Dr. Robert Knight, Director of the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute called for a comprehensive, area-wide groundwater nitrate sampling effort by state and local governments, especially in the karst areas of Alachua and Gilchrist counties. Dr. Knight’s call for action comes after Continue reading

Rained out: Banks Lake Outing cancelled 2015-08-29

Expedition leader Chris Mericle conferred with John at Banks Lake Outdoors, Intellicast: South Georgia and they agree nobody wants boaters on Banks Lake in a thunderstorm, so tonight’s outing is cancelled. You probably figured that out already anyway, what with rain for an hour or more now and a 70% chance of thundersshowers at 7PM.

Chris would like to reschedule for Continue reading

test post

300x223 WWALS Logo 2015, in WWALS Logo, by Scott Beasley, for, 27 August 2015

300×223 WWALS Logo 2015, in WWALS Logo, by Scott Beasley, for, 27 August 2015,
Withlacoochee, Willacoochee, Alapaha, Little, upper Suwannee

Will it go to facebook and twitter?

Filing petition with Florida Friday against Sabal Trail


August 27th, 2015, Hahira — Continuing to oppose the unnecessary, destructive, and hazardous invading Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline, WWALS Watershed Coalition will file Friday an amended petition with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FL-DEP) opposing that agency’s intent to issue a permit for Sabal Trail Transmission to bore its 36-inch pipeline from Hamilton County to Suwannee County under the Suwannee River in Florida.

Update 2015-08-28: Here is the amended petition filed today.

WWALS originally filed a petition on August 7th. FL-DEP denied that petition on August 14th, giving a list of reasons and fourteen days to amend. WWALS will file an amended petition at the end of that fortnight, on Friday August 28th. Numerous residents of Florida have become WWALS members, and some will be named in the new filing.

Deanna Mericle, of Hamilton County, Florida, notes, Continue reading

Rescheduled: WWALS Water Trails at Southern Georgia Regional Commission Council 2015-09-24

Rescheduled from July, Paulk Vineyards WWALS Ambassador Dave Hetzel will speak about the Alapaha River Water Trail (ARWT), which is now looking to place signs and reprint brochures, and the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WRWT), whose Committee is looking for more members, at the Southern Georgia Regional Commission Council meeting September 24th in Pearson, Georgia.

When: 11AM Thursday September 24th, 2015

Where: Continue reading