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Sinkhole, Sabal Trail HDD, Lowndes County, GA 2016-12-02

Sabal Trail caused a sinkhole at the HDD site in Lowndes County, in addition to Orange safety fence in front of drill site the frac-out under the Withlacoochee River previously discovered by WWALS, plus a bunch of other sinkholes or “depressions” they just reported today. They say they discovered the HDD site sinkhole the day after they told FERC there was no sinkhole at what appears to be exactly the location they now, four weeks later, say is a sinkhole.

FERC Accession Number: 20161202-5137, “Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC submits it Continue reading

Pictures: Withlacoochee River and Sabal Trail @ US 84 2015-08-28

A paddle so brief we went past and had to float back WWALS at the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline crossing 30.7955398, -83.4526749 down the Withlacoochee River to where the Sabal Trail pipeline proposes to cross.

Winnie Wright of WCTV interviewed us at the US 84 bridge median while we were preparing to put in; don’t know if it aired.

Update 2015-08-28: WCTV story online.

See previous post for pictures of the put-in. It has everything: steep rocks, thorny Smilax vines, poison ivy, and wasp stings! Yes, this is Continue reading