Water and family farms more precious than Sabal Trail Sinkhole Pipeline: citizens to FERC in Moultrie 2015-09-29

“Water is our most precious commodity, not pipelines, not Sabal Trail,”, said WWALS member Alton Burns, and both he and WWALS president John S. Quarterman spoke twice, about safety, water, conflicts of interest, the Floridan Aquifer, lack of transparency, Okapilco Creek, the Withlacoochee River, and the Suwannee River, all of which Sabal Trail is trying to drill under. Local landowners were the most blunt: the FERC process is a farce and a hoax, they said. See for yourself in these LAKE videos from Moultrie last night.

But it’s still important for you to come speak up, to be on the record, so the news media will hear, and so your neighbors will hear. The FERC meetings continue tonight in Valdosta and tomorrow in Lake City, 5:30 PM each night:

  • Wednesday, September 30, at Holiday Inn Valdosta, Conference Center Magnolia Ballroom, 1805 West Hill Ave., Valdosta, GA 31601.
  • Thursday, October 1, at Columbia High School Auditorium, 469 SE Fighting Tiger Drive, Lake City, FL 32025

There’s much more you can do to stop Sabal Trail. Shell Oil just gave up on drilling in the Arctic. TransCanada admitted it has to go through the Nebraska PSC for its KeystoneXL pipeline. And last year Williams Company, after massive opposition and a Kentucky judge said it couldn’t use state eminent domain, cancelled its Bluegrass pipeline. Sabal Trail can be stopped. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.


3 thoughts on “Water and family farms more precious than Sabal Trail Sinkhole Pipeline: citizens to FERC in Moultrie 2015-09-29

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  2. terre tulsiak

    That’s what I would ask. How can they impose eminent domain when there is no public convenience or benefit? Just because they SAY there is, don’t they have to show it with – you know …words and numbers? And if it turns out they really DON’t need it and decide to just export it for profit- what then?

    At the SWFWMD meeting 2 days ago the senior counsel stated that Swiftmud has” no jurisdiction or opinion on the Sabal Trail matter- other than the small area where it goes across our property”. Really? What about the mission and mandate to protect the waters of Florida for the PEOPLE of Florida?

    1. jsq Post author

      Yes, those are among the questions being raised in numerous court cases and public hearings.

      Personally, I think the Georgia and Florida legislatures should repeal eminent domain for private companies.


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