Pictures: Troupville Cleanup 2018-10-13

We had fun cleaning up at Troupville Boat Ramp and the private land down the Little River to its Confluence with the Withlacoochee River, and then up the Withlacoochee a bit. Boy Scouts did much of the work, in Ronnie Thomas’ troup: this cleanup was his idea. Two of the landowners who let us into the land down to the Confluence were there; that property is for sale. Scotti Jay and Bobby and the McKenzie clan were also there. Brown Dog and Yellow Dog liked getting into another river.

[Red, yellow, white, blue, 10:09:03, 30.8454610, -83.3467969]
Red, yellow, white, blue, 10:09:03, 30.8454610, -83.3467969

Landowner Helen Tapp promised donuts, and delivered.

[Donuts, 08:41:30, 30.8514439, -83.3472348]
Donuts, 08:41:30, 30.8514439, -83.3472348

We got banner pictures early so as to catch early-comers.

[Banner with Gretchen, 07:50:27]
Banner with Gretchen, 07:50:27

[Banner with Helen, 07:52:17]
Banner with Helen, 07:52:17

The Little River comes in from the right of the picture, joining the Withlacoochee River, which comes in from the left and continues through the top of the picture.

[Confluence, 09:41:49, 30.8471348, -83.3473936]
Confluence, 09:41:49, 30.8471348, -83.3473936

The dogs love playing on trees.

[Arch, 09:57:01, 30.8456776, -83.3471229]
Arch, 09:57:01, 30.8456776, -83.3471229

Scouts working hard.

[Dogs and scouts, 09:58:13, 30.8459631, -83.3471146]
Dogs and scouts, 09:58:13, 30.8459631, -83.3471146

Scotti Jay arrived.

[Scouts, Gretchen, and Scotti Jay, 10:06:31, 30.8456066, -83.3468372]
Scouts, Gretchen, and Scotti Jay, 10:06:31, 30.8456066, -83.3468372

There are some impediments to paddling. Here’s one.

[Deadfall, 10:09:50, 30.8451457, -83.3468181]
Deadfall, 10:09:50, 30.8451457, -83.3468181

Quite a bit of trash collected.

[Scouts with Collection, 09:59:27]
Scouts with collection, 09:59:27

The McKenzie clan arrived.

[McKenzies and Scouts, 10:01:20]
McKenzies and Scouts, 10:01:20

Landowner Trav Paine may paddle with us later.

[Trav Paine, 09:05:48, 30.8512408, -83.3472770]
Trav Paine, 09:05:48, 30.8512408, -83.3472770

We’re guessing somebody buried their pet here.

[Artificial flowers, 09:11:23, 30.8509306, -83.3474722]
Artificial flowers, 09:11:23, 30.8509306, -83.3474722

[Trav and Gretchen, 09:10:49, 30.8509306, -83.347473]
Trav and Gretchen, 09:10:49, 30.8509306, -83.3474730

Interesting place, the Little River Confluence.

[Tight frame, 09:35:29, 30.8476867, -83.3476950]
Tight frame, 09:35:29, 30.8476867, -83.3476950

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