Pictures: US 84 to Mayday, Alapaha River 2016-05-07

Update 2023-04-19: Videos: US 84 to Mayday, Alapaha River 2016-05-07

Waterfalls on the Alapaha River?

[Movie: Waterfall (786K), 30.87078, -83.02267]
Movie: Waterfall (786K), 30.8707800, -83.0226700

Two weeks after the WWALS outing from US 84 to Mayday, some of us who didn’t make that one paddled the same stretch. The earlier crew had smooth sailing. We had rapids and waterfalls, because the Alapaha River was feet lower on the Statenville USGS Gauge.

[Five feet lower Alapaha River]

Also deadfalls:

[Paddling under, 13:18:31, 30.8550682, -83.0247192]

Foamy Cow Creek:

[Detail, 13:54:03, 30.8474026, -83.0120544]
Detail, 13:54:03, 30.8474026, -83.0120544

From the beach at the site of the forthcoming Naylor Boat Ramp, just upstream from US 84 in Lowndes County:

[Here comes Gretchen Quarterman, 09:43:16, 30.9254951, -83.0384979]
Here comes Gretchen Quarterman, 09:43:16, 30.9254951, -83.0384979

To the steep sand bank of Mayday Landing, just past the Howell Road Bridge, in Echols County:

[Sand bank, 14:22:12, 30.82846, -83.01862]
Sand bank, 14:22:12, 30.8284600, -83.0186200

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 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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