FERC rubberstamped Suwannee M&R Station and Sabal Trail already built it 2019-02-11

FERC took less than a week to rubberstamp Sabal Trail’s first of February request, and Sabal Trail took less than a week after that to put the Metering and Regulation Station in service, connecting to Florida Gas Transmission in Suwannee County, Florida, onwards under the proposed phosphate mine site in Union and Bradford Counties, to Jacksonville, where Eagle LNG and Crowley Maritime’s Carib Energy are already sending LNG at least as far as Puerto Rico. Do the “applicable remaining terms and conditions of the Orders” include not leaking, like Sabal Trail already did at its nearby compressor station?

[3.4 miles, Hildreth Compressor Station to Suwannee M&R]
3.4 miles, Hildreth Compressor Station to Suwannee M&R; see also Google map.

  • 2019-02-01: Sabal Trail’s request
  • 2019-02-05: FERC’s authorization. FERC Accession Number: 20190208-3018, “Letter order granting Sabal Trail Transmission LLC’s 2/1/2019 request to place into service the Suwannee Meter and Regulating Station for the Sabal Trail Project under CP15-17.”

    I grant Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC’s (Sabal Trail) February 1, 2019 request to place into service the Suwannee Meter and Regulating Station located in Suwannee County, Florida. Your request complies with environmental condition 9 of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s February 2, 2016 Order Issuing Certificates and Approving Abandonment; the September 7, 2016 Order on Rehearing; and the March 14, 2018 Order on Remand Reinstating Certificate and Abandonment Authorization (collectively Orders). Based on your most recent status report filed on January 31, 2019 and our review of the project, restoration of the construction workspace is proceeding satisfactorily.

    I remind you that Sabal Trail must comply with all applicable remaining terms and conditions of the Orders. If you have any questions regarding this authorization, please contact Mr. John Peconom, Environmental Project Manager at (202) 502-6352.

    J. Rich McGuire
    Director, Division of Gas –
    Environment and Engineering

  • 2019-02-08: Apparently it was already operational, but we only learned about it…
  • 2019-02-11: Sabal Trail says it already commenced. FERC Accession Number: 20190211-5145, “Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC submits its notice of commencement of service for the Suwannee M&R Station under CP15-17, et. al.”

    Pursuant to Ordering Paragraph (F)(2) of the Commission’s February 2 Order, the September 7 Order, the March 14 Order, and Section 157.20(c)(2) of the Commission’s regulations, 4 Sabal Trail hereby notifies the Commission that the Suwannee M&R Station was placed into service on February 8, 2019.

    If you have any questions regarding this filing, please contact me at (713) 627-4102 or LaShawndra R. Proctor, Advisor, Rates and Certificates at (713) 627-4071.

    Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC
    By: Sabal Trail Management, LLC,
    Its Operator
    /s/ Lisa A. Connolly
    Lisa A. Connolly
    Director, Rates and Certificates

    cc: Pamela Boudreau (FERC)
    John Peconom (FERC)
    All Parties (CP15-17)

This is the same Sabal Trail that already leaked in September 2018 at its Hildreth Compressor Station site, only 3.4 miles away in Suwannee County, about which FERC and PHMSA have done nothing that the public can tell.

I wonder if “all applicable remaining terms and conditions of the Orders” includes not leaking. Who should we ask about that, since John Peconom doesn’t answer his telephone or email, nor does anyone answer on the FERC docket?

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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