Boston, GA, Man wins WWALS Kayak Raffle 2019-07-15

The winner is: Josh Maichele of Boston, Georgia.

[Josh Maichele, Gretchen Quarterman, brother]
Photo: John S. Quarterman, Josh Maichele, Gretchen Quarterman, brother

That’s in the Piscola Creek watershed. He came over to the other side of the Withlacoochee River to collect his prize.

[Loading up]
Photo: John S. Quarterman, Loading up


As promised, we drew the kayak raffle winner at the WWALS Annual Member Meeting, July 14, 2019, in Valdosta.

[Trudy and Conn Cole help Gretchen Quarterman]
Photo: John S. Quarterman, Trudy and Conn Cole help Gretchen Quarterman

[WWALS Board and Members observe]
Photo: John S. Quarterman, WWALS Board and Members observe

[Bobby McKenzie draws the kayak raffle winner]
Photo: John S. Quarterman, Bobby McKenzie draws the kayak raffle winner

Gretchen left a message for the winner right then, but he was not in.

Pick up

Josh Maichele called back the next day, and came with his brother to collect the raffle kayak.

[Josh Maichele, kayak, brother, John S. Quarterman, Gretchen Quarterman]
Photo: Gretchen Quarterman, Josh Maichele, kayak, brother, John S. Quarterman, Gretchen Quarterman


Thanks to Dr. Tom Phillips for the donation of the Hobie Mirage Outback kayak, 12′ 9″ long by 34″ wide, with pedals, rudder, and wheels. Here are more pictures of it.

Under sail, Raffle Kayak
Wheels included. Not sure this is what Hobie intended for the sail.
Photo: John S. Quarterman, Azalea Festival, Valdosta, GA, 2019-03-10

New it lists for $2700. This one obviously is used, but it is still worth over a thousand dollars.

Who would like to donate another raffle kayak for the next WWALS kayak raffle?

Meanwhile, congratulations, Josh Maichele!

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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