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Clean again: Withlacoochee River 2021-04-15

Update 2021-04-23: Clean Little River and Withlacoochee River clean again 2021-04-22.

Boring can be good, if it’s a clean Withlacoochee River, especially for the fourth week in a row.

And clean is the news from Valdosta for upstream Wednesday, from WWALS testers Michael and Jacob Bachrach for Knights Ferry, Nankin, and State Line Boat Ramps Thursday, from Madison Health for State Line, Sullivan Launch, and FL 6, also for Thursday, and from WWALS tester Gus Cleary for Cleary Bluff, between Allen Ramp and the Suwannee River, again for Thursday.

[Clean chart, plates, steps, Swim Guide]
Clean chart, plates, steps, Swim Guide

Very little rain fell by Thursday, or today, on the Little, Withlacoochee, Alapaha, or Suwannee Rivers. Which with these test results mean clean as near as we can tell.

So happy boating, swimming, and fishing! Continue reading