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Juneteenth Water Works at Reed Bingham State Park 2022-06-18

Update 2022-06-18: Outing cancelled due to thunderstorms.

Children (and adults) are invited to paddle in boats at Reed Bingham State Park Swim Area for Juneteenth, in the the Water Works festival by Jenard S. Asthma Foundation and Macedonia Community Foundation. Once again, WWALS will provide boats and stunt adults to get children and others on the water.


A stunt adult goes with a child 16 or under so they can boat, in case their parents don’t want to paddle.

When: Gather 12 PM, end 5 PM, Sunday Saturday, June 19 18, 2022

Put In: Reed Bingham State Park Swim Area

GPS: 31.162563, -83.548506

Free: This outing is free to everyone. There is a $5 entrance park fee.

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