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Join us today for The Amazing Give, 8:00AM-8:00PM 2023-04-20

Ahead of #earthday2023, we’re participating in “The Amazing Give.” It’s a 12-hour window for a day of giving on Thursday, April 20th, 2023, 8AM-8PM.

[People of WWALS, The Amazing Give, What you support]
People of WWALS, The Amazing Give, What you support

Please contribute to this great cause and keep the 10,000 square mile Suwannee basin clean, swimmable, fishable, and drinkable!

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

You can help with clean, swimmable, fishable, drinkable, water in the 10,000-square-mile Suwannee River Basin in Florida and Georgia by becoming a WWALS member today!

Ten days until BIG Little River Paddle Event, 2023-04-29

Hahira, GA, April 20, 2023 — WWALS charter board member Bret Wagenhorst will guide a free tour of the Little River from Red Roberts Landing to Reed Bingham State Park Lake, at 8 AM to 3 PM, Saturday, April 29, 2023.

Paddlers will learn about natural history of the river, from flora and fauna to aspects of rivers and black water: oxbows, tannic acid, river foam, hairpin curves and breakthroughs, sloughs, silt deposition sides, etc. If more than 8 boats sign up, we will add another tour guide.

[Bret Wagenhorst, paddlers on the Little River, 2022]
Bret Wagenhorst, paddlers on the Little River, 2022

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