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Banks Lake Full Sturgeon Moon Paddle in Lanier County Advocate 2023-08-01

Thanks to “friendly, bubbly” Meredith Crosby for leading this outing, to Rebecca Galardo for reporting on it, to Tony Galardo for taking her out in the Lanier EMA boat to do that, thanks to James Barnes, Lanier County Code Enforcement, for unlocking the boats, and thanks to Lanier County for letting WWALS rent the boats to paddlers for free.

[WWALS Banks Lake Full Sturgeon Moon Paddle in Lanier County Advocate]
WWALS Banks Lake Full Sturgeon Moon Paddle in Lanier County Advocate

Plus of course thanks to everyone who paddled on the Banks Lake Full Sturgeon Moon Paddle, 2023-08-01. The next full moon paddle is at the end of August: Banks Lake Full Blue Supermoon Paddle 2023-08-30.

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Chainsaw cleanup, Outings, Boat Ramps, Okefenokee Swamp –Suwannee Riverkeeper @ Clinch County Commission 2023-08-07

Update 2023-09-12: Clinch County Resolution against strip mine, for Okefenokee Swamp 2023-09-11.

In addition to its usual business of roads and taxes, the Clinch County Commission discussed with Suwannee Riverkeeper outings, boat ramps, and a proposed resolution against the strip mine too near the Okefenokee Swamp.

[Collage @ Clinch County Commission 2023-08-07]
Collage @ Clinch County Commission 2023-08-07

For the boat ramp, Clinch County can apply to the GA-DNR Recreational Trails Program, Nonmotorized. Andrew Schock, writing for the landowner, The Conservation Fund, sent a letter saying that among the half a dozen possibilities he favors Drawdy Mill Landing on Drawdy Mill Road, which is about half way between Griffis Fish Camp and Fargo Boat Ramp.

For the resolution supporting the Okefenokee Swamp and the Suwannee River against the proposed strip mine, the Commissioners chose to take another month to read it thoroughly, with a vote next month, which should be 6PM, Monday, September 4, 2023. The resolutions already passed by other cities and counties, including the one passed last week by Echols County, are on the WWALS website. For more about that mine, see

Thanks to Chairman Henry Moylan and the Commissioners for their hospitality, to Clinch County Administrator Jaclyn James for ongoing communications, and to WWALS member Etta Lee for talking to Commissioners and for being at the meeting; also for dinner.

Below are pictures, videos by Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange of the relevant agenda item, and links to documents.

Here is a WWALS video playlist of the relevant LAKE videos.

For the entire meeting, see the LAKE blog post, Videos: Boat Ramps, Okefenokee Swamp, LMIG, Taxes @ Clinch County Commission 2023-08-07.

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