Aerials of Hodge dirt mine, 10 miles from 3RT Sand Mine, Levy County, FL 2024-01-24

Yesterday we received some pictures of a dirt mine about ten miles east-southeast of the 3RT Sand Mine site. They show mined pits filled with water, as well as mounds of may be barn waste such as manure, or perhaps residue from a nearby saw mill.

[Dirt mine dumping, Levy County, FL 2024-01-24]
Dirt mine dumping, Levy County, FL 2024-01-24

We are not saying there is anything illegal going on at the dirt mine site.

We do wonder that if the activities shown are allowed on a mine site in Levy County, how do we know they won’t happen on the 3RT mine site? And what effect might they have on that much larger proposed mine site?

We are told by a usually reliable source that these aerials were taken January 24, 2024, by a source that wishes to be anonymous, but grants permission for public posting.

[Water-filled pits 2024-01-24]
Water-filled pits 2024-01-24

[Extensive fill areas 2024-01-24]
Extensive fill areas 2024-01-24

[Truck dumping 2024-01-24]
Truck dumping 2024-01-24

These pictures from the ground we are told were taken the first week of January. We are told about 20 trucks per day dump here.

[Cows and dump trucks]
Cows and dump trucks

[Mound of waste]
Mound of waste

The dirt mine site is north of Morriston, off of SE 201st Ct., at 29.306055, -82.430196. It is listed by the Levy County Property Appraiser in three parcels as owned by D & M LEVY LC.

Florida corporation search does not find D & M Levy LC. However, the address the Property Appraiser gives for it, 4351 NE 176TH AVE, WILLISTON, FL 32696, is the same as for properties northwards, owned by VH LEVY LC and HSI LEVY LC.

Next to the north is DERBY GOLD PINE SHAVINGS CO. Florida Corporation Search shows officers Eddie and Christine Hodge, with his address as that same 4351 NE 176TH AVE, WILLISTON, FL 32696.

Which is the same address as the next property to the north, which the Property Appraiser shows as owned by HODGE EDWARD C SR, HODGE CHRISTINE D.

So it appears that Eddie Hodge owns the dirt mine shown in the aerials.

I call it a dirt mine, because it has an Environmental Resource Program (ERP) Permit from Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) for activity code Mining, project code dirt. That ERP lists the permittee as Williston Timber, 920 NW 8TH AVE STE A, GAINESVILLE, FL 32604, 352-528-5456. shows the registered agent for Williston Timber as HODGE, EDWARD, 4351 NE 176TH AVE, WILLISTON, FL 32696. Also the officers are
Title P [presumably President] HODGE, EDWARD C. at the same address,
Title S [presumably Secretary] HODGE, CHRISTINE D., POB 221, WILLISTON, FL 32696
Title T [presumably Treasurer] HODGE, JULIE D., 4351 E 176TH AVE, WILLISTON, FL 32696

Of course, I am in no way implying that Edward C. Hodge or any of his associates are doing anything illegal.

I am wondering how well Levy County understands what is going on in mines already in Levy County, or how much of such activities might also take place on the 3RT mine site, in addition to the unanswered questions regarding the Rainbow Springs springshed and its BMAP.

[Ten miles from 3RT Sand Mine site (upper left) to Hodge dirt mine (lower right)]
Ten miles from 3RT Sand Mine site (upper left) to Hodge dirt mine (lower right)

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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