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Pictures: sites of Morven Solar 2023-01-18

Update 2023-01-21: Report: Conditions wanted on Morven Solar by Brooks County Planning Commission 2023-01-20.

To help visualize what Morven Solar is proposing tonight at the Brooks County Planning Commission, yesterday I took a few pictures.

They include the pecan trees to be cleared for the project that county (SGRC) staff pointed out were not included in the tree survey, as well as the planted pines that were included, and some natural trees that are to be kept as a buffer.

Most of the project is on current center pivot irrigation cotton fields, with the agricultural pesticides that implies.

Which raises one of several questions: will the solar project also use pesticides, or will it adopt another method, such as sheep or goats?

[Parts of the Morven Solar project sites 2023-01-18]
Parts of the Morven Solar project sites 2023-01-18

This is the layout of the project: Continue reading