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Bowen Mill Pond, Brooks County, Georgia

300x258 Bowen Mill Pond location west of Quitman, in Piscola Creek, by John S. Quarterman, for WWALS.net, 2013 For fishing in Brooks County, GA, try Bowen Mill Pond, west of Quitman. Heading west on US 84, turn right on Barwick Road between the Harveys and the Rite Aid, or right on Shiver Road. Then turn left on Dry Lake Road, and eventually turn left on Bowen Mill Pond road. You’ll see the pond on your right after a while.

Or, if you don’t mind dirt roads, turn off of US 84 onto Few Lane, immediately left onto Hassell Road, and when it curves to the right you’ll see the pond on your left.

Or keep going on US 84 until you see the tiny concrete marker Continue reading