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Florida Audubon goes full NIMBY

Apparently cow pastures and the Suwannee and Santa Fe Rivers are no concern of Florida Audubon, nor even the other Withlacoochee (south) River that runs out of the Green Swamp, not to mention WWALS’ Withlacoochee (north) River in Georgia.

Susan Salisbury, Palm Beach Post, 5 October 2015, Audubon Florida supports Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline,

Following changes to the proposed route of a massive pipeline, Audubon Florida now strongly supports Sabal Trail, a $3.5 billion natural gas pipeline project slated to extend from Alabama to Florida.

Charles Lee, Audubon Florida’s director of advocacy, said that the group has worked with Sabal Trail on route modification and environmental mitigation measures for portions of its 515-mile pipeline in Florida.

Well, that explains why Charles Lee said Florida Audubon would not help with WWALS v. Sabal Trail & FL-DEP.

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Sabal Trail wants to drill under the Withlacoochee south River

It’s not just the Suwannee and the Santa Fe: 300x388 Vicinity Map, Sovereign Lands of the State of Florida, in Withlacoochee (Green Swamp) River Crossing, by Sabal Trail Transmission, for WWALS.net, 10 July 2015 Sabal Trail wants to drill into the fragile karst limestone under Florida’s Withlacoochee south River, too, above our Floridan Aquifer, and FL DEP proposes to permit them to do that. This is the other Withlacoochee River; the one from the Green Swamp to the Gulf. Sabal Trail wants a 24″ spur to Citrus County under this river. Watch out, Dunnelon, Marion County, and Citrus County!

(Sabal Trail does still want to drill under WWALS’ Withlacoochee River, known in Florida as the Withlacoochee north, but in Georgia, not Florida.)

Here are the Withlacoochee south River maps and related items from the Drawings Sabal Trail submitted with the FL-DEP Permit application.

Remember there are still plenty of things you can do to help stop this pipeline invader from destroying forests, fields, and streams, adding hazards for no benefit.

Proposed 24″ Citrus County Lateral, Site Plan and Profile, HDD

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