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WWALS facebook page and group 2021-12-11

Facebook confuses everybody. As soon as you figure it out, Facebook will change it.

WWALS has a facebook page, which anybody in the world can see. We use the page to get the word out about advocacy, paddles, events, etc. You can share any post you see on the WWALS fb page.

WWALS also has a facebook group, which only WWALS members can join. The group is a perq of WWALS membership, with frequent discussions.

[WWALS Facebook Page and Group]
WWALS Facebook Page and Group

The WWALS facebook page doesn’t say “page” on it, probably because that’s the main thing facebook has.

While you’re on the page, please like it if you haven’t already. Invite your friends to like it, and soon we’ll get more than 3,000 likes. The more likes, the more distribution our outings and advocacy get. Continue reading