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Raffle kayak delivered to winner Janet Martin 2023-12-12

Here is Janet Martin, the winner of the VIBE Sea Ghost 130 WWALS annual raffle kayak, with paddle, seat, and rudder.

[Janet Martin and the raffle kayak 2023-12-12]
Janet Martin and the raffle kayak 2023-12-12

She likes it; see video.
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Pictures: Azalea Festival Saturday 2023-03-11

Veronica Oakler, the new WWALS Development Director, helped all morning Saturday at Azalea Festival in Valdosta,

[Development Director, Mayor, Raffle Kayak]
Development Director, Mayor, Raffle Kayak

Plus Valdosta Mayor Scott James Matheson and family posed with the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 kayak he donated, which WWALS is raffling off. The boat retails for $1,300 and comes with paddle and rudder. The Mayor says he used it only once.

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