Naylor Boat Ramp upstream Alapaha River pictures 2020-06-13

We made it the 1.24 miles upstream from Naylor Boat Ramp to Hotchkiss Road Landing on the Alapaha River Water Trail in the Naylor Boat Ramp Out and Back paddle outing. Very nice weather, cool and overcast, and just enough water in the river. Photo: Shirley Kokidko for WWALS, Banners at Hotchkiss Road Landing, Alapaha […]

Naylor Boat Ramp signs planted 2020-06-13

Before the Naylor Boat Ramp upstream and back paddle, Dan Phillips, Chair of the WWALS Water Trails Committee, installed the new Alapaha River Water Trail signs there. Paddlers with signs That’s Dan standing by the signs, among all the paddlers. Here he is at work installing them.

Good to go: Naylor Boat Ramp upstream Alapaha River paddle 2020-06-13

It’s a go on water quality and quantity for tomorrow morning at Naylor Boat Ramp on the Alapaha River. For outing details, see the original post. Photo: Bobby McKenzie, Naylor Boat Ramp (portrait), 2020-06-10. Sure, the afternoon thunderstorms could happen earlier, but so far the weather ereports indicate they’ll start after we’ve paddled upstream and […]

Naylor Boat Ramp Out and Back, Alapaha River 2020-06-13

Update 2020-06-19: Pictures. Update 2020-06-18: Naylor Boat Ramp signs planted 2020-06-13. Update 2020-06-12: Good to go, so see you there. Join us for a one-mile paddle upstream and back from the newest boat ramp on the Alapaha River. There’s plenty of room to stay six feet apart on the ground and ten feet apart on […]

Naylor Boat Ramp & Alapaha River Water Trail signs 2020-04-02

Update 2020-06-08: Signs printed and ready to be planted at Naylor Boat Ramp Out and Back, Alapaha River 2020-06-13. Update 2020-04-04: Improved maps on both signs and better text on Naylor Boat Ramp sign. The WWALS Trails Committee has drafted these two metal signs to go near the water at the new Naylor Boat Ramp […]

Videos: Naylor Boat Ramp should be finished in two weeks @ LCC 2019-06-10

The Naylor Boat Ramp on the Alapaha River should be finished in about two weeks, said Lowndes County Manager Joe Pritchard in yesterday morning’s Lowndes County Commission Work Session. Below are videos of that meeting by Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE).

Slab curing at Naylor Boat Ramp 2019-05-21

The concrete was curing Tuesday, May 21, 2019, that was poured after May 8, following the bed built by April 30. With representative human Many people want to know: when will Lowndes County slide this slab down into the river? I am not Lowndes County Project Manager Chad McLeod, but my guess is

Naylor Boat Ramp Park is not Lola VPA or WMA 2019-05-19

If you’re down at the beach on the Alapaha River, just upstream from US 84, in the new Lowndes County Naylor Boat Ramp Park, and a game warden should happen to say you need a WMA pass, please tell him you’re in a public park owned by Lowndes County, and if there’s any doubt about […]

Naylor Boat Ramp, Water Trails, and Paddle Georgia: WWALS to Lowndes County Commission 2019-05-13

Thanks and invitations from WWALS to the Lowndes County Commission, delivered in a letter via email and on paper Monday morning and in Citizens Wishing To Be Heard Tuesday evening. I thanked Lowndes County Utilities Director Steve Stalvey and the Commissioners for fixing a force main before it breaks. County Engineer Mike Fletcher and Project […]

Naylor Boat Ramp framed 2019-05-08

Frame and concrete wire. Frame Lowndes County Project Manager Chad McLeod says they will probably pour the concrete Saturday. Then 10 to 14 days to set before pushing into the Alapaha River for Naylor Boat Ramp.