Draft Agenda for WWALS March 2014 board meeting

Board meetings are open to the public. Board members are listed on the website.

Draft Agenda
WWALS Board of Directors
7:30 PM Wednesday 12 March 2014
IHOP, Adel, GA
  1. Call to Order, Welcome and Introductions
  2. Speaker, 20 minutes: Charles Stines about his experience on our region’s rivers.
  3. Agenda Review: Additions and Changes
  4. Review and Approval of Minutes
    1. 12 February 2014 Board meeting minutes
  5. Past Meetings and Events
    1. Monthly outing February (fourth Saturday): February 22 – location? Cancelled due to all rivers too high.
  6. Future Meetings and Events
    1. Monthly board meeting 9 April 2014 (second Wednesday) by teleconference?
    2. Monthly board meeting 14 May 2014 (second Wednesday)

      At Feb 2014 Board Meeting, Al Browning reported that Allison Ray science teacher at Berrien MS may need help with nature trail at school and perhaps more education of kids. Al to see if she can come speak to WWALS at May mtg.

    3. March outing: 22 March 2014 Big Little River paddle race on Little River. Al to do water quality demo at end of race.
    4. April outing on the 26 April 2014, on the Withlacoochee River with Adopt-a-Stream: GQ to inform Adopt-a-Stream On Withlacoochee River Saturday 26 April 2014 at Langdale Park. Date and place changed via email discussion per offer from GA Sierra Club to Saturday 8AM 19 April 2014 on Withlacoochee River from US 84 to Knights Ferry Road to boat past the proposed Sabal Trail methane pipeline path. Logistics in progress by Chris Graham of WWALS, Seth Gunning of GA Sierra Club, and Danielle Jordan of SAVE.
    5. Earth Day at VSU, 1PM to 4PM, setup 12:30 PM, no charge, bring our own table, chairs, banner, flyers, membership forms, etc., can sell items as a nonprofit. Al and jsq offered to staff. Other volunteers? Vendor application form: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2201154102/10151957200319103/
    6. May 17 outing Lewis Lake rookery. BW 2010 Video by Joseph LaForest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u42MkIj1D8.
    7. Cleanup on Alapaha near 135 bridge or 168 bridge? –Al Browning
  7. Finances
    1. Starting/Ending balance for February – Gretchen Quarterman
    2. Donation Accounting – Gretchen Quarterman
    3. 501(c)(3) status: EIN from acct? Copy of check? – Gretchen Quarterman.
    4. Flint Riverkeeper passthrough – jsq
  8. Committee Reports
    1. Membership – Garry Gentry – Recruitment
    2. Events – Karan Rawlins
    3. Outings – Bret Wagenhorst
    4. Public Relations – jsq jsq and Chris posting on FB. Send photos to Chris to post: protectiongeorgiawatershed@gmail.com
  9. Review Action Item List: Please send reports to the board list before the meeting.
    1. Business and membership cards – Garry Gentry GG looking into using social media advertising for targeted recruitment.
    2. Banner good; next: WWALS sign with arrow, email address, double sided – Bret to order.
    3. Georgia River Network membership — jsq
    4. Correspondence —
      Gretchen – contact Tillman and Tillman to pursue the 501(c)(3).
      jsq – send a Thank You note to Don Thieme for his presentation.
      John – send a Thank You letter to H. Doug Everett for his solar vote.
      Gretchen – Panther Forum: anything happening?
    5. Directors and Officers Insurance: still need cancelled IRS check – jsq
    6. After-event survey for paddle events; to be ready for BLRPE and website – Gretchen Quarterman
    7. For Army Corps of Engineers – Who owns underground water? -jsq
    8. Request for information from DNR – Development laws and regulations related to water -jsq
    9. Gretchen filed complaint to DNR about potential violation of water. To post to board.
    10. Ask Lowndes County Emergency Management Director Ashley Tye, what is going on and how can WWALS be included. jsq
    11. Ongoing opposition to Sabal Trail methane pipeline. jsq
    12. Waycross about the Seven Out Superfund site; post info from GA DNR. jsq
    13. Distribution of list of sites on EPA/EPD lists for counties in our watershed — jsq.
    14. Brochures need to be redone with new board member names and add list of goals/ benefits to brochure. DH and KR
  10. Grants
    1. Mott –jsq
    2. Turner Foundation regrants via GA River Network open in April -jsq
    3. Community Foundation of South Georgia – jsq
    4. Woodruff Foundation — Karan Rawlins
    5. Others?
  11. Other Business
  12. Adjourn