WWALS June 28 on Little River @ GA 133


We launched @ Little River boat ramp in the VLCPRA area at GA 133. So we headed upstream about mile & half.


The river was a little low and we went through a couple small rapids. The water flow was normal @ the time of the outing. There were a couple of islands, and some cypress tree that had a weird nut on it. The weather was mild and sunny and the river had some shady spot so it was pretty nice out there. We didn’t seen any invasive species on this section of the river. Then we headed back downstream to the launch point.


The participants for this outing were Edwin Brunot, Christopher Graham, Jack Hartley, and John Quarterman.


Pictures labeled 06/28/2014 are by Edwin Brunot; the others are by John S. Quarterman, as are all the videos.



20140714-172037-62437893.jpg -CLG