E-comment to FERC ASAP, especially experts

Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson says: “Please consider saying something and be counted.” Here’s How to send an ecomment to FERC.

You can ecomment today on FERC docket number CP15-17 against the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline invading Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Until December 11, 2015 you can also send comments to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers against Sabal Trail’s use of rivers and wetlands. You can do this for any of Florida, Georgia, or Alabama.

In Georgia, you can send comments to the State Properties Commission to demand they don’t ratify the DNR board’s recent give-away of easements under our rivers to Sabal Trail, under the Withlacoochee River, Okapilco Creek, Ochlockonee River, Flint River, and Chattahoochee River.

And in Georgia GA-EPD still plans to hold a public hearing about the air quality permit for the Albany compressor station in Dougherty County.

You can do any or all of these things: they cost you nothing. Merrillee did, and you can, too!

Meanwhile, the hearing continues in Jasper, FL this morning in WWALS v. Sabal Trail & FDEP. There you have to be on the witness list to testify for the Suwannee River or the Santa Fe River, and apparently you have to have appropriate degrees to be an expert. Even Merrillee, with all her work through Our Santa Fe River, her businesses, and many other organizations, could not qualify as an expert.

But anybody can comment in any of those other ways.


You can join this fun and work by becoming a WWALS member today!

3 thoughts on “E-comment to FERC ASAP, especially experts

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  2. Loretta H Tennant

    Am I considered an expert witness? I am an environmental analytical chemist… I have a graduate degree from the University of Florida (MST – Chemistry) and have worked at the University as a management level Chemist II, and in the USDA Gainesville laboratories, and have a 100% US EPA Performance Evaluation for water chemistry and microbiology, as well as certification for water microiology from the Florida DEP in Jacksonville. I would be happy to testify about the potential chemical hazards that would be brought to our surface and groundwaters by the Pipeline in Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

    1. jsq Post author

      Whether someone is admitted to a hearing as an expert witness is up to the judge,
      but you sure sound like one to me.

      The hearing in Jasper already happened, but there may be other opportunities.

      Please send your resume to wwalswatershed@gmail.com and we’ll discuss.


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