The ant testifies against the dinosaur: WWALS v. Sabal Trail & FDEP continues 2015-10-21

It’s hard to qualify as an expert, but WWALS members count, too, Chris Mericle testifying as we defend the Suwannee and Santa Fe Rivers and the Floridan Aquifer against the Sabal Trail pipeline invader. Continuing this morning at 10AM in Jasper, Florida!

When: 10 AM Wednesday 21 October 2015

Where: Hamilton County Board of Commissioners Chambers,
207 NE First Street
Jasper, Florida 32052

What: WWALS v. Sabal Trail & FDEP
Defending the Suwannee River and our water, land, and air against the invading Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline

Chris Mericle testifying
WWALS board member Chris Mericle testifying, with Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson of Our Santa Fe River on the bench.

The only seat empty was the one WWALS board member Chris Mericle was sitting in before he moved to the witness chair to testify. Notice the numerous Sabal Trail people from somewhere else filling up most of the rest of the rows, leaving elderly local citizens to stand: a concrete illustration of Sabal Trail invading.

Even Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson couldn’t qualify as a witness, despite her nine years of activism through Our Suwannee Santa Fe River and numerous other organizations. This is a very specific sort of hearing about a particular pair of permits, and it’s hard to be a witness if you don’t have degrees ending in -ology. More about this case on the WWALS web site.

But as Merrillee reminds us, you can ecomment to FERC today.

Remember: ants outlived dinosaurs.


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3 thoughts on “The ant testifies against the dinosaur: WWALS v. Sabal Trail & FDEP continues 2015-10-21

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  2. terre

    Has anyone from the press showed up? Is it being videotaped? That would be helpful to refute witnesses opinions, in comments to FERC and others. There is a large volume of evidence and research to be found in scholarly places…

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