Sierra Club meeting against Sabal Trail, Suwannee River State Park 2016-01-16

Update 2016-01-17: Report with pictures.

This Saturday, 11AM to 1PM, come to Suwannee River State Park for an educational and organizational meeting about why and how to stop the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline and to promote solar power instead, hosted by Suwannee-St Johns Group, Florida Sierra Club. At 1PM the media are invited to a hike to the river with signs!

Do we want a fireball like a mere 4″ FGT spur made in Bell, Florida in 2012 when a tree fell on it? Sabal Trai would carry 80 times as much fracked methane. Or like FGT’s 2009 explosion between the Florida Turnpike and I-95, flying a 104-foot piece of 18-inch pipe through the air, shutting down both roads, and fortunately missing a high school? Or like Spectra’s pipeline blowout under the Arkansas River in Little Rock last May? The same Spectra Energy that wants to drill a 36″ pipeline under the Suwannee and Santa Fe Rivers. The same industry that’s caused Los Angeles County and the state of California to declare a state of emergency after four months of the Porter Ranch fracking well blowout causing sickness and evacuations near Los Angeles.

When: 11AM-1PM, Saturday, 16 January 2016

Where: Suwannee River State Park
3621 201st Path, Live Oak, FL
15 miles west of Live Oak on US 90.

Who: Maryvonne Devensky,
Suwannee St Johns Sierra Club Chair
Cell 352-871-1606

Plus: WWALS board member Chris Mericle will be there, along with other WWALS members

Maryvonne says:

Please come to educate yourself about this pipeline that will transport natural gas. It will affect yourself and your family. It will change the environmental make up of your county for years to come. It presents some dangers to the North Florida environment, to human health, and it is not a done deal!!! Sierra Club is already part of a lawsuit in Georgia to oppose the Sabal Trail pipeline. Sierra Club also participates in a coalition named Spectrabusters. For more information about the Sabal Trail pipeline, go to Most of all Sierra Club has a major campaign to stop fossil fuel as a source of energy: Solar Energy is the renewable energy of choice. We will decide on several actions to take to oppose this project. See you at the Park on Saturday!

The lawsuit she is referring to is of course WWALS v Sabal Trail & FDEP, for which Sierra Club made a significant contribution to the WWALS legal fund. Maryvonne has also spoken at a recent Suwannee County Commission meeting.

Sabal Trail risks the Floridan Aquifer, from which all of Florida (and south Georgia) drinks, so we are all affected, whether we live near the Suwannee River or not. Local north Florida organizers encourage people throughout Florida and elsewhere to also oppose Sabal Trail and all its offshoots, and help the Sunshine State get on with solar power.


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