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Draft Agenda, WWALS Board, 2016-01-13

Draft Agenda
WWALS Board of Directors
7:30 PM Wednesday January 13, 2016
IHOP, Adel, GA

Board meetings are open to the public. To attend by telephone, contact wwalswatershed@gmail.com for the number.

WWALS Board members are listed in www.wwals.net/about/board: John S. Quarterman (President, PR, Pipeline), Dave Hetzel (Ambassador), Garry Gentry (Secretary), Gretchen Quarterman (Treasurer and Membership), Bret Wagenhorst, Chris Mericle (Outings and Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail), and Al Browning. For other committee chairs and members, see www.wwals.net/about/committees.

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Where pipelines already cross rivers into Suwannee County, Florida

Update 2017-03-31: Newer version of PHMSA pipeline maps.

Two pipelines, one by Southern Natural Gas (SONAT), and one named Florida Gas Transmission (FGT), both owned by Kinder Morgan (KMI), already cross under the Suwannee and Santa Fe Rivers into Suwannee County: FGT does so twice under the Suwannee River and once under the Santa Fe River. All these pipelines carry “natural” gas, which is to say fracked methane. When they were originally built, economically they made some sense. Now that solar power is cheaper, easier and faster to build, and far safer and cleaner, there is no excuse for any more such pipelines, neither Kinder Morgan’s Jacksonville Expansion Project (JEP), nor Spectra Energy’s Sabal Trail.


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